abnorml. by Aarohi Bhatt: Where Clothing Meets Unfiltered Expression

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Ever imagined clothing which is not only trendy but also voices your values. Where every stitch whispered of gender equality, every brushstroke a battle cry for mental health, every thread spun with the green hope of a healthier planet. That’s the magic of abnorml., the streetwear brand where fashion meets purpose and rebellious threads weave conversations that matter.

Fashion with Intent

With a fresh approach, abnorml. shapes streetwear into a canvas for rebellious expression, transforming it into wearable art for the bold at heart. The brand’s core revolves around celebrating diversity, embracing self-expression, and empowering individuals to flaunt their personalities through fashion, all while staying connected to current societal issues.

15-year-old Leading the Change

abnorml. is conceptualized by Aarohi Bhatt, a 15-year-old creative powerhouse, who is out to bring about the change in society with her art. The journey began at 13 for Aarohi when she dived into social issues with YLAC in 2020, earning the impressive title of ‘Fellow of the Fellowship’. This defining moment highlighted the importance of young voices being heard. Fueled by this realisation, she created a creative haven for herself and fellow social warriors with abnorml.

Father-Daughter Duo Redefine Streetwear

As Aarohi, a Gen-Z whirlwind, channeled her passion for social issues like inclusivity, compassion, and sustainability into bold sketches and designs, a quiet spark ignited in her father, Ratnesh. A design veteran himself, he saw in his daughter’s vision a mirror reflecting his own yearning for something fresh, something “abnorml.” This shared spark ignited a fire. Ratnesh took a leap of faith, leaving the corporate world behind to support Aarohi’s dream. Together, they found abnorml., a streetwear brand that transcends the mundane, a canvas for social dialogue stitched with rebellion and love.

The Brand- abnorml.

Each individual is a unique being, mostly forced by society to fit in the normal mould. abnorml. intend to break this mould and celebrate individuality.

abnorml., a homegrown brand, caters to a generation unafraid of challenging societal norms and embracing self-acceptance. Crafted by the visionary minds of Aarohi and Ratnesh, the brand is reshaping fashion norms and standing tall as a change-maker in India. It speaks to those who crave more than just fashion – a community thriving on individuality and social awareness.

The brand invites millennials, Gen Z, and fashion enthusiasts to unleash their unique expressions, make daring statements, and embark on an artistic journey beyond the ordinary.

abnorml. is more than a fashion statement; it’s a cultural mirror reflecting the consciousness of its creators. Aarohi sums it up perfectly: “abnorml. is a mode of everyday rebellion.”

For more information, please visit: www.abnorml.in


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