Ace Entrepreneur Mehbub Ahmed Laskar uncodes Digital Marketing and Brand making process

Mehbub Ahmed Laskar

“While earlier, social platforms were only considered as a method of promoting the brand. However, things have changed. Now these platforms are the most powerful tools to hit the target audience, build a personalised connection with your customers, create brand authenticity, increase leads, enhance market reach, etc,” says Ace Entrepreneur Mehbub Ahmed Laskar who is an expert Digital Marketer into Social Media Marketing.

Unlike many others, the early life of entrepreneur Mehbub Ahmed Laskar hasn’t been very easy, but he kept on grinding until he could achieve his dreams. Presently he is working as an experienced Digital Marketing Strategist with years of experience in pure-play e-commerce, food and beverage, gambling, IT, beauty, automobile and retail businesses. He is helping businesses to develop a sustainable marketing strategy, competitive positioning, targeting and branding. He says “The most important aspect of a strong digital presence is CONTENT. Content has always been the KING, and under no circumstances, it is going to pass on the rule to any other technique.” It is actually a fact that Content marketing strategies have been evolving with time and change is the law of nature. It is always the survival of the fittest and if you want to survive, you need to keep updating and evolving. With the ever changing world of digital marketing, Your strategy should be able to make smart and fast moves, produce a high level of content, publish it when, where, and how it is required.

Whiz Entrepreneur Mehbub Ahmed Laskar has used his skills to turn a number of small firms into global behemoths. He also acts as a mentor to young entrepreneurs, providing them with experienced advice on the issue. He seeks to take new enterprises to new heights and help them gain online traction.

The quality that this growing and successful entrepreneur Mehbub Ahmed Laskar delivers, is due to his positive attitude. He believes a positive attitude creates a perfect balance between your professional and personal life. Every entrepreneur is born with different skills and assets. That’s why, there are different people who are experts in different fields and genres. Taking a pause Mehbub Ahmed Laskar adds “Whatever you are pursuing right now in your life, you should be 100% satisfied. Doing things will only mean if you recognize and work hard for them.”

As a message to young entrepreneurs, Mehbub Ahmed Laskar says that “We should always strive to develop our skills and get acquainted with the latest means and mechanisms of our work, so as to always be in the good faith and confidence of our clients”. You can follow him on his Instagram at @mlaskarassam.


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