American EduGlobal Ghaziabad Honored with National School Award 2023 for Exemplary International Education Contribution

American EduGlobal Ghaziabad Honored with National School Award 2023 for Exemplary International Education Contribution

Ghaziabad, (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: American EduGlobal School, an emblem of excellence intertwining global educational standards with local traditions, has received the distinguished National School Award 2023 for its unparalleled contributions to international education. With roots traced back to India’s first genuine USA-based school model, AES Ghaziabad, steered by Mr. P K Samal, has set forth a groundbreaking educational paradigm that effortlessly merges cutting-edge global curriculums with the depth of Indian ethos.

Along with Mr. P K Samal, the Managing Director of American EduGlobal School, the award ceremony also witnessed the presence of eminent personalities, including Mr. Vaibhav Shastri, Co-Founder of Edovu Ventures Pvt. Ltd., and Ms. Neha Chauhan, the Principal of AES Ghaziabad. Both luminaries shared their insights on the school’s achievements and future prospects.

A pivotal part of the institution’s illustrious legacy is its profound bond with the Saddle River Day School, New Jersey, USA. This cherished association anchors AES in an educational philosophy that is dedicated to fostering holistic growth in every student. With a keen eye on the future, AES, emphasizing the transformative potential of technology in education, integrates state-of-the-art learning methodologies, notably artificial intelligence (AI) and design thinking, into its rich curriculum.

Mr. Vineet Singhal, Vice Chairman of AES Ghaziabad, thanked the organizers for the accolade and highlighted the 14.5-acre Ghaziabad campus with world-class infrastructure, including the Delhi Capitals IPL cricket academy. He stressed the importance of a global perspective in education, considering India’s vast young population, to nurture future leaders.

Mr. P K Samal, Managing Director of American EduGlobal School, said, “This award underscores our commitment to transformative education. Our USA-centric model in India merges global practices with Indian values, aiming for unparalleled academic innovation.”

Situated in Ghaziabad, AES, recognized for its high academic and sports benchmarks, champions the comprehensive development of its students. This visionary institution ensures collaboration among faculty, students, and the broader school community. As a beacon of quality education and support, AES is committed to molding students into informed global citizens, armed with strong values, ethics, and an insatiable passion for lifelong learning.

Venturing into the realm of AI, robotics, and advanced technology, AES Ghaziabad is recalibrating the education landscape. By transcending traditional classroom limitations and equipping students with hands-on, practical experiences in these cutting-edge fields, the school stands poised to prepare its wards for a digital future. By weaving these innovative disciplines into the fabric of their curriculum, AES guarantees an environment where creativity, critical thinking, and adept problem-solving are the norms.

Emerging as the vanguard in Ghaziabad with an educational blueprint emphasizing AI and robotics, American EduGlobal School has positioned itself as the torchbearer of futuristic teaching methodologies. This honor not only celebrates their current achievements but is a nod to their visionary trajectory, shaping the next generation for a dynamic, digital world.


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