Balistro Consultancy: Two Digital Marketing Experts Forge a Path in Digital Marketing

Balistro Consultancy: Two Digital Marketing Experts Forge a Path in Digital Marketing

Gurgaon [India], February 9, 2024 – Naman Khetawat and Manav Gupta, passionate digital marketing professionals with complementary expertise, have carved a distinct space in digital marketing with their agency, Balistro Consultancy. 

Balistro Consultancy specialises in creating compelling brand stories for a worldwide clientele. Naman and Manav’s combined expertise in SEO, Meta Ads, branding, and Google Ads gives them a distinct edge in digital marketing.

Naman, with his background in data-driven strategies and performance marketing, excels at exceeding client goals and showcasing exceptional results through robust analytics. Conversely, Manav leverages his Meta Ads and SEO expertise to reach audiences across diverse markets, weaving narratives that resonate globally.

From Interns to Entrepreneurs 

Naman’s passion for digital marketing began in 2019 when he entered the industry as an intern at Merkle Sokrati. His eagerness and dedication saw him climb the professional ladder, becoming a Business Strategy Manager responsible for multi-crore clients. He navigated the complexities of Google Ads and branding, learning valuable lessons and amassing a wealth of experience.

Manav’s journey mirrors Naman’s. Starting as an intern at Merkle Sokrati in January 2019, he honed his skills in Meta Ads and SEO. He then took a leap of faith, leaving his managerial position to establish Squid Mind, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

Naman and Manav’s combined expertise laid the foundation for Balistro’s success. Their complementary skills allow them to offer clients a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions, encompassing Google Ads, branding, Meta Ads, and SEO. This holistic approach ensures their campaigns transcend borders and resonate with audiences across diverse markets.

As Balistro grows, Naman and Manav remain committed to their core values of collaboration, innovation, and client satisfaction. The duo is excited to take on new challenges and create engaging brand stories that charm audiences everywhere.

From Humble Beginnings to Thriving Agency

The Founders’ journey began in April 2022, when they combined their talents and embarked on a new adventure with Balistro. Starting with a small team of three in Chandigarh, they diligently built their agency, expanding to Gurgaon and welcoming five more passionate individuals. Today, Balistro boasts a robust team of ten, each contributing to its shared vision of creating impactful digital experiences.

About Balistro Consultancy

Balistro Consultancy is a digital agency crafting impactful brand narratives for a global audience. Founded in 2022 by Naman Khetawat and Manav Gupta, the agency leverages its combined expertise in Google Ads, branding, Meta Ads, and SEO to create data-driven campaigns that exceed client expectations.

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