Chef Amar Ronald Xavier won unique Indian Personality Award 2023 – Felicitated by Celebrity guest Sudha Chandran

Chef Amar Ronald Xavier won unique Indian Personality Award 2023 – Felicitated by Celebrity guest Sudha Chandran.

Chef Amar Ronald Xavier has been recognised with the unique Indian Personality Award 2023 as the best culinary director. Sudha Chandran, a well-known Bollywood star, honored him. The event, which was organized by Network Rainbow Media, took place on July 30, 2023, at the Welcome Hotel in New Delhi. In addition to notable guests from other industries, fellow business owners from all industries attended the event. The event includes speakers, mentors, and investors in addition to the amazing networking opportunities among fellow founders who attended.

With over 100 nominations for the award, the competition was fierce, and the Network Rainbow media team was tasked with reducing this number down to the final shortlist of 30 persons from all over India. After a detailed selection process that is based on ratings obtained from all throughout the country, awards are distributed at the program. The exceptional Indian Personality Award 2023 is the highest honor given to those in the field who have selflessly committed their life to go above and beyond. Amar Ronald Xavier was awarded the title of “Best Culinary Director” in recognition of his outstanding efforts.

Amar Ronald Xavier won numerous accolades while representing India and its cuisine on a global level. After accomplishing so much, he decided to give back to society. He has actively contributed to social work for those in need in Varanasi with the help of the World Master Chef Association. Additionally, he has trained young chefs from all around the world and campaigned toward zero food waste. After working in 37 different places at a global level he made the decision to contribute back to his own city and country.

Amar Ronald Xavier hails from Varanasi, India. In Varanasi, where he was raised, being a chef was not considered to be a very noble occupation. As a professional chef, he has gained recognition and fame from numerous notable organizations. After living and working in 37 different countries, he wanted to lend a hand to his home city of Varanasi.

It is thrilling that Amar Ronald Xavier influences not only adults but also all young people who want to become chefs. There are countless lessons to be learned from Amar Ronald Xavier, from his struggle to his enthusiasm and success. In addition to succeeding in his profession, he has been inspiring millions of people to follow their dreams.

Amar Ronald Xavier expressed gratefulness by concluding “The Award that was bestowed upon me makes me feel incredibly good and honored to have received this Award of the Unique Indian Personality. This recognition not only marks my achievement today, but it also serves as a reminder of the years of perseverance and hard work that went into getting here.”


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