Club Vacationz: Redefining Luxurious Holidays for Every Indian Family

Club Vacationz: Redefining Luxurious Holidays for Every Indian Family

Jeeyo Jaadgaar Lamhe – that’s the promise Club Vacationz brings to Indian families, offering affordable holiday memberships that make luxurious vacations accessible to all. Founded in 2021 by travel enthusiast Manish Vij, Club Vacationz has already garnered over 7,000 members with its unique proposition: high-quality stays at premium hotels and resorts without breaking the bank.

Breaking the Mold of Holiday Memberships:

Club Vacationz offers a refreshing alternative to the hefty upfront fees and hidden charges:-

  • Family-Friendly Membership: Designed for two adults and two children, the membership includes complimentary breakfast, providing families with an affordable and enjoyable holiday experience.
  • Extensive Destinations: With access to 108+ destinations across India, Club Vacationz offers diverse travel experiences.
  • Extensive Hotel and Resort Tie-Ups: Partnering with over 250 hotels and resorts, Club Vacationz secures unbeatable deals, saving members up to 50% on hotel bookings.
  • Pay-per-year: Get rid of the one-time payment burden and enjoy the flexibility of annual installments.
  • No annual maintenance fees: Experience true transparency with no hidden costs.
  • Cancel anytime: Unsure about the plans? No worries, cancel the membership hassle-free.
  • Forward nights: Unused nights can be carried over to the following year, maximising the benefits.
  • Confirmed booking: Secure the dream vacation with a guaranteed booking ten days in advance.

More Than Just Vacations

Club Vacationz fosters a community of travel enthusiasts, offering:

  • Flexible membership plans: Choose the best option for travel style and budget.
  • 365-day reservation guarantee: Plan getaways anytime, year-round; bookings are always guaranteed.
  • Sustainable practices: Travel responsibly with Club Vacationz’s commitment to eco-friendly initiatives.

Club Vacationz welcomes individuals to join its “Work Together & Grow Together” program. Connect with a growing community of travel enthusiasts.

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