Entrepreneur Spotlight: Alexandre Raffin (Gains Associates)

Entrepreneur Spotlight Alexandre Raffin (Gains Associates)
Alexandre Raffin

Former top 300 League of Legends players in Europe (0.02% of players), Alexandre Raffin is a French serial entrepreneur, investor, counselor, and cryptocurrency specialist who is headquartered in Dubai. He has already been featured in Forbes. He likes calisthenics and speaks three languages.

Before developing an interest in cryptocurrency assets and founding GAINS Associates, a disruptive venture capital firm that offers high-yield crypto investments, in 2017, Alexandre studied computer technology.

The organization, which is notable for having an incubator for blockchain entrepreneurs, a marketing division, a token, and its own decentralized platform starting in late 2021, is not simply a standard venture capital firm. More than 200 different startups, including top-tier blockchain ventures like Bloktopia, Avalanche, Hashgraph, and Quant, have received over $30M in investment from GAINS.

I love the idea of making finance fairer, transparent, and accessible to everyone. Our launchpad allows everyday people to invest in the most hyped projects. We have changed the lives of thousands of people so far, and this is just the beginning.” said Alexandre to our media.

The total capitalization of the GAINS-funded projects currently surpasses $30 billion.


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