Fairplay’s loyalty program offers generous rewards for its users


FairPlay is India’s most popular sports exchange, offering a suite of features that cater to sports enthusiasts. However, what sets FairPlay apart is its roster of celebrity fans and athletes as brand ambassadors.

They have partnered with a wide range of celebrities who love sports and who have lent their star power to the exchange. MC Stan, a well-known rapper and sports enthusiast, is another celebrity who has associated himself with FairPlay, adding to the exchange’s level of authenticity and highlighting its commitment to sports enthusiasts across the country. In addition to its brand ambassadors, FairPlay has also partnered with several top celebrity fans, including rapper Badshah, actor Jacqueline Fernandez, and top cricketers like AB de Villiers and Eoin Morgan. These well-known personalities have joined FairPlay fantasy, and are looking to work with more of them in the near future.

FairPlay’s range of features is equally impressive, with its 300% first deposit bonus and 50% bonus on second deposits, its loyalty program with up to a 9% re-deposit bonus and weekly lossback bonus of up to 10%, and its 5% lossback bonus on every IPL match, coupled with ad-free live streaming at no cost and instant withdrawals within five minutes.

The exchange’s loyalty program is particularly noteworthy, offering up to a 9% re-deposit bonus and a weekly lossback bonus of up to 10%. This program rewards loyal users and encourages them to continue using the exchange.

FairPlay also offers a 5% lossback bonus on every IPL match, making it the perfect choice for IPL enthusiasts. The exchange’s ad-free live streaming of matches at no cost, coupled with instant withdrawals within five minutes, sets it apart from other sports exchanges and makes it a popular choice among sports enthusiasts.

FairPlay’s instant account creation on WhatsApp is another unique feature, making it easy for users to sign up and start using the exchange within minutes. Additionally, the exchange offers a free gold loyalty upgrade upon registration, allowing users to avail themselves of gold loyalty benefits.

FairPlay’s one-on-one customer support is available 24/7 and is multilingual, ensuring that users get the support they need, no matter where they are located or what language they speak. It has also introduced a new feature called the split bonus, which divides bonuses into parts and makes it easier for users to redeem them faster.

Lastly, FairPlay’s commitment to providing greater odds for its users is another noteworthy feature. The exchange offers 10% better odds on FairPlay, which translates into greater winnings for users.

In conclusion, FairPlay is the ultimate sports exchange with celebrity fans and athletes as brand ambassadors. Its commitment to sports enthusiasts and broad appeal, coupled with its wide range of features, makes it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an exciting sports exchange.

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