From Grads to Award-Winning Duo: Studuo Shakes Up the Scene


Ahmedabad (Gujarat), [India], July 03, 2024: Remember the days of that soul-crushing 9-to-5? Yeah, we all do. That’s where Drashti Vora and Saurav Pathak, the founders of Studuo, found themselves in Ahmedabad, India. But unlike most, they craved more than just surviving the daily grind. Their creative spirits were stifled by corporate red tape and clients who wouldn’t budge on innovative ideas.

Many Uber rides later, fueled by frustration and a shared dream, Studuo (a studio by a duo) was born. Founded in 2020 by these two ambitious designers, Studuo is all about breaking the mold. They believe that every startup and business owner deserves quality design, regardless of their budget.

Here’s the surprising part: despite being based in Ahmedabad, Studuo’s talent has attracted a maximum client base from outside the city. This is a testament to their innovative and experimental approach, pushing boundaries and getting results that resonate with businesses across the country.

Think of Studuo as the ultimate design ally. They don’t just create logos and websites (although they do that amazingly well); they take the time to understand each client’s vision and translate it into designs that resonate with their customers.

Here’s the kicker: despite being young guns in the design game, Studuo has already bagged the prestigious award for India’s Best Brand Design Studio in 2023! They’ve helped countless startups and businesses not just survive, but thrive.

The journey of Studuo is as inspiring as their work. Drashti and Saurav left the security of their corporate jobs to pursue a venture that allowed them to express their creativity freely. Their approach is centered on the belief that design is not just about aesthetics but about creating an emotional connection with the audience. This philosophy has driven them to experiment with bold ideas and unique concepts, setting them apart in a crowded market.

Their portfolio boasts a diverse range of projects, from tech startups to D2C brands, each showcasing a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking. They pride themselves on their ability to adapt to different industries and deliver tailor-made solutions that speak directly to the target audience. This adaptability has been a key factor in their rapid rise and success.

So, if a startup is seeking funding or a D2C brand is looking to make a splash, Studuo is the perfect partner. Their expertise in tech products and consumer understanding ensures every brand speaks volumes to its target audience.

But wait, there’s more! Studuo offers a comprehensive service package, meaning they handle everything from concept to creation. Plus, clients get the personal touch—Drashti and Saurav are directly involved in every project, ensuring the vision is brought to life flawlessly.

Beyond their technical skills and creativity, what truly sets Studuo apart is their commitment to their clients. They believe in building long-term relationships and providing ongoing support, long after the initial project is completed. This dedication has earned them a loyal client base and a reputation for excellence. With Drashti and Saurav at the helm, clients can be assured that their brand is in capable hands, ready to make a lasting impact in their industry.


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