Gabon’s First Agri SEZ Project flag off event by AOM Group in partnership with Centurion University- A Resounding Success


AOM Group, a renowned multinational conglomerate committed to sustainable development, proudly announces the successful completion of the flag off event for Gabon’s First Agri Special Economic Zone (SEZ) project. Implemented in partnership with Centurion University, Odisha as the Knowledge and Technology Partner, the event marks a momentous milestone in Gabon’s agricultural sector and reinforces the nation’s dedication to economic diversification and knowledge exchange.

The Flag Off Event, took place on 14th June, at Lodhi Hotel in New Delhi, which marked the official launch of Gabon’s First Agri SEZ Project. The event commenced with an auspicious inauguration ceremony, featuring distinguished speakers who shed light on the project’s objectives and the immense potential it holds for transforming Gabon’s agricultural landscape. Some of the notable dignitaries included Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan Hon’ble Minister of Education and Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Hugues Mbadinga Madiya Hon’ble Minister of Investment, Government of Gabon, Mr. Mve Ellah Charles Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture, Government of Gabon and Mr. Mouguiama Daouda Patrick Taofick Hon’ble Minister of Higher Education, Government of Gabon.

Talking about the event, Hon’ble Minister of Education and Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan said, “I congratulate the AOM Group, Centurion University, and the Government of Gabon on the launch of Gabon’s first Agri Special Economic Zone Project. I am confident that this endeavour will contribute to Gabon’s journey towards self-sustainability, food security, and economic prosperity. Let us work together to empower the youth, foster entrepreneurship, and build a brighter future for Gabon and its people.”

The Agri SEZ project, a collaborative endeavour between AOM Group and Centurion University, Odisha, duly recognized as a Skills University and renowned for its knowledge and technology prowess aims to establish a state-of-the-art agribusiness hub in Gabon. By leveraging advanced knowledge and technology transfer, the project seeks to enhance productivity, promote sustainable agricultural practices, and foster economic growth in the region. The partnership with Centurion University, Odisha, as the Knowledge and Technology Partner, brings invaluable expertise and innovative solutions to the project. Centurion University’s vast experience in the field of agriculture, coupled with its focus on sustainable development and community empowerment, ensures the Agri SEZ project’s success and long-term impact.

Prof. D N Rao, Vice President and Co-founder of Centurion University of Technology and Management, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are honoured to be selected as the Technology, Knowledge, and Agri Training Partner for Gabon’s First Agri SEZ Project. This collaboration presents a unique opportunity to leverage our expertise in technology-enabled education and agribusiness training to contribute to the growth and development of the agricultural sector in Gabon. We look forward to working closely with AOM Group and other stakeholders to drive innovation, empower local communities, and create a sustainable future.”

The project is headed by Ms. Monalisha Ghosh, Associate Director – International Relationships and Government Partnerships Centurion University of Technology and Management. She is in charge of the bilateral meeting and discussions between both the countries.

Mr. Rajesh Parikh, Managing Director of AOM Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “We are delighted to have Centurion University as our Technology, Knowledge, and Agri Training Partner for this momentous event. Their proven track record in technology-driven education and agribusiness training will undoubtedly enhance the success of Gabon’s First Agri SEZ Project. Together, we are confident in our ability to foster innovation, empower local farmers, and position Gabon as a leading hub for agricultural excellence.”

The flag off event marked the beginning of an exciting journey toward transforming Gabon’s agricultural sector and building a prosperous and sustainable future. AOM Group and Centurion University, Odisha, remain committed to the project’s successful implementation and look forward to collaborating with stakeholders to create a thriving agribusiness ecosystem in Gabon.

Centurion University of Technology and Management is a renowned institution dedicated to providing quality education and promoting sustainable development through technology integration and skill enhancement. The university offers a range of programs focused on technology, agribusiness, and entrepreneurship, equipping students and stakeholders with the tools to create positive change in their communities.

For this project, faculty members of Centurion University are already in Gabon for the past three months. You will be happy to know that in the 1st phase 30 farmers and 15 students from Gajapati district will be travelling together as agri-technical consultants to Gabon for the agriculture SEZ which is being developed under this project.

Over next five years we will not only handhold the Gabonese famers and make them self-reliant and self-sustainable but also will generate livelihood by creating jobs in the sector of Smart and IoT based Agriculture for more than 5000 Oriya framers and students (majorly focusing on women employability) in different countries like Gabon, Togo, Tanzania, Muscat and Abu Dhabi. This event will be the signature event for our International Agri and related projects.

AOM Group is a leading company focused on promoting agricultural development and innovation. Committed to transforming the agricultural sector, AOM Group works closely with various stakeholders to implement sustainable solutions, enhance productivity, and drive economic growth in the agricultural domain.

We will be grateful if you can bless us with your presence anytime between 14th June and 15th June.


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