How Josy Mathew And His Is Acting As A Bridge Between Homeowners And Tenants Even In Police Cases

How Josy Mathew And His Is Acting As A Bridge Between Homeowners And Tenants Even In Police Cases

Since its beginning in 2016, has been dedicated to offering exceptional services to all of its stakeholders and making sure that both parties involved in the rental agreement have a smooth onboarding experience. 

Whether it’s for homeowners or tenants, Josy Mathew and his are acting as a medium in between any police cases involving tenants and homeowners. Even when the various cases that Josy Mathew and his Startup face are the cases that they stand in between homeowners and tenants to resolve issues. 

Josy Mathew And Livvehomes: Securing Both Parties From Being Unwantedly Targeted

Running a business like can be challenging at times. And Who is the better person than Josy Mathew to have it experienced first hand? When Josy Mathew started developing and establishing his company,, the challenges were manifold and deep. He had his own vision for the company going forward and a business model that is a win-win proposition both for the homeowners and tenants. In spite of that Josy Mathew faced several instances of getting tangled in several legal issues between homeowner and tenants. Most of the time it was due to homeowners not sticking to the agreement terms and conditions. And on many occasions, tenants also faced serious issues from the homeowners. 

That’s when Josy Mathew and his decided to act as a bridge between homeowners and tenants even in police cases and securing both parties being unwantedly targeted during the entire rental process.

Providing legal consultancy services for owners and tenants to deal with their rental legal issues

After spending few quality years developing and establishing his business,, Josy Mathew, the visionary entrepreneur decided to offer legal consultancy services too in case of any legal issues arising between owners and tenants that deal with any and every rental legal issue. The road to offering legal consultancy services in case of any dispute arising between homeowners and tenants was not easy. 

Once Josy Mathew decided to help and safeguard the interest of both parties, there was no looking back for him. He was committed to giving shape and awareness of his idea and vision that works wonders for both the parties involved in a rental agreement. No matter what issue the parties are facing due to the rental agreement, Josy Mathew and his team will walk extra miles to secure the best of your interest.

Joys Mathew and multiple cases that they face: Walking like a winner

Once Josy Mathew and his team decided to offer legal consultancy services to both the parties, the homeowners and tenants, the only intention they had is to ensure that both the parties have a pleasant onboarding experience doing business with Even while they are themselves facing several cases involving homeowners and tenants’ legal issues, They are committed to their endeavors and strongly feel that this initiative of there would bring about much-needed positive change in society. 

Josy Mathew admits that scaling the managed and an assured rental model took them a lot of time and money plus several police cases too wherein they got entangled as they always tried to safeguard the interest of both parties.

The Road Ahead For Josy Mathew And

“The excellence one needs to build in the backend becomes critical. You need to have extensive patience dealing with each owner, each tenant, societies, various local bodies, and then comes recruitment, training, and operating capabilities. Initially, it was all just the grit of the founding team and the first five members that made it work.”

Today Livve offers an assured and reliable source of rental to homeowners who own a rental investment property and to tenants an extremely well kept, safe, and secure living option. They have partnerships with every premium real-estate brand that is present is in the country and are the first choice for everyone buying a property for the investment purpose.

With its own branded furniture showrooms, supermarkets, gate management, and property management systems and services, is looking to own the complete lifecycle of the apartment living experience for owners and tenants by 2025.

“No longer will any tenant be turned down a safe and secure society living experience due to an owner’s prejudice and neither will they be financially burdened by it.” Says Josy Mathew, Founder/CEO of

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