John Real Estate – Customer-Centric, Creative Real Estate in Thane, Mumbai and Beyond

John Real Estate – Customer-Centric Creative Real Estate in Thane Mumbai and Beyond
Arosh John

Everyone needs a space to call their own. Whether it is for a family to live, a business to grow or for industries to develop, the real estate sector provides a space full of infinite possibility and unlimited potential. As one of the fast-growing industries in the world, real estate caters to the continual and ever-evolving need for more residential, industrial and hospitality spaces. John Real Estate is a reputable real estate company that is built equally on passion and professionalism. The passion to find every client a space that suits them, and the professionalism to understand the money, the ambition and the vision that goes into finding the perfect property.

John Real Estate is powered by the experienced and knowledgeable experts who take the time to understand their client’s requirements, offer them customised advice for their properties and work tirelessly to simplify and streamline processes to ensure a steady flow of transactions. In 2011, founder Arosh John moved to Mumbai from Kerala, carrying with him his dreams of starting his own IT business. As he created more and more property websites for clients, he heard the siren song of real estate. He funnelled his passion for business, innate professionalism, transparency and work ethics into the real estate consulting industry through John Real Estate.

Under Arosh John’s guidance, John Real Estate has risen rapidly in the ranks in the last 9 years and has quickly expanded, because of its focus on a vital and overlooked aspect of real estate – great customer service. “We believe that our duty does not end with finding you the right property or buyer, we believe in handholding and creating a long-term relationship and becoming your realtor for life. We are more than happy to address your queries whenever that may arise.” says Arosh, Founder, John Real Estate.

This dedication has led to the company being awarded several times in past years – as the Best Performing Channel Partner by several developers at Thane for exceptional business contribution and Best Realtor Award by Realty Quarter, along with many others.

NRI Investment Assist

Investing in real estate in India is a great option and India’s real estate, like anywhere else in the world, is active and volatile. Understanding this, John Real Estate specialises in assisting NRIs to sell and manage their properties in India majorly Thane with professional and systematic approach. The Team at John Real Estate has managed to successfully transact over hundreds of NRI owner properties with proactive guidance and transparent services with excellent sales and support.

New directions for John Real Estate

Currently, John Real Estate is undertaking a variety of different services and exciting endeavours. In Mumbai, John Real Estate primarily focuses on the Thane Market. With all the modern necessities and amenities, good infrastructure, facilities, transport, affordable living with the splendour of nature, real estate is now booming in Thane, with major developers flocking to the city. The company is also investing in their digital presence by creating walkthrough videos and creative marketing videos on YouTube and Instagram. The walkthrough videos showcase properties from the client’s perspective – presenting the properties from the client’s eyes during a site visit. Digital strategies like these have helped boost popularity and have brought in more clients.

Recently, John Real Estate has also launched a new division of the company, called RENTTOU Property Management. This division specialises in handling rental properties, making it easier for property owners and tenants to conduct hassle-free transactions with a professional approach.  

Expanding in international and domestic shores

Apart from these new services and strategies, John Real Estate has also expanded on both international and domestic fronts. In Thane, the company has opened a new branch office near Lodha Upper Thane, off. Thane-Nashik Highway. As an international realtor, John Real Estate also offers residency programmes and lucrative investment options with higher ROI and better lifestyles in glamourous Dubai, Cyprus, Malta and few other countries.

Today, this ISO 9001:2015 certified company aims at opening multiple offices across the Thane-Mumbai region. It is also looking at expanding international offerings in multiple countries and continents. Furthermore, John Real Estate is looking to broaden its horizons from just residential real estate to the commercial segment due to increased enquiries and customer demand for new spaces.

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