Melbourne MAMA Creative Space Fosters Collaboration Between Australia and India


Hyderabad (Telangana), [India], June 19, 2024: Melbourne MAMA was founded in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia, as an International student community for Indian students residing in Australia. This organisation, India’s First Indo-Australian Coexisting Creative environment, has become an exclusive coexisting space fostering collaboration between Australian and Indian creatives, driven by the vision of founder and CEO Satish Varma.

Melbourne MAMA Creative Space is a hub for collaboration among international students. This organisation, with hubs in Hyderabad and Chennai, provides a collaborative environment for international students. Here, competition takes a backseat to teamwork, as students come together to share their talents, solve problems, and create a lasting impact. Melbourne MAMA provides a creative space that fuels collaboration and empowers international students to achieve more together.

“Over the past six years, we have built our coexisting spaces on a foundation of continuous learning, and a powerful sense of community,” says Satish Varma. “This has helped us achieve the mission to empower and support Indian students who want to pursue their passions while studying in Australia.”

Melbourne MAMA Creative Space provides its members with a wide range of services, including brand building, creative support, film marketing, storytelling and e-commerce solutions. This comprehensive set of services appeals to a wide spectrum of creative professions, enabling a collaborative environment in which Indian and Australian talent may work smoothly together. Furthermore, for creators looking to break into the Australian market, Melbourne MAMA Creative Space offers access to its enormous network, which has been built over the last six years, making it a vital starting point for filmmakers, musicians, entrepreneurs, designers, and other creative minds. 

Satish Varma’s TEDxMRAC Experience

Satish Varma’s personal experience reflects the ethos of Melbourne MAMA Creative Space, as he had previously attended a TEDxMRAC event. Varma spoke about his experience, saying,  “This is an achievement I knew I would make happen one day. Despite the challenges, I stood before a crowd of over 1,200 people and delivered a 15-minute speech. This feat, once beyond my wildest dreams, has become a defining moment in my life, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.”

The presence of Melbourne MAMA Creative Space in India is a significant development for the creative industries in both countries. By encouraging collaboration and interaction, the organisation has the ability to open up new paths for creative expression and push boundaries to launch the Indo-Australian creative scene to new heights.


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