The app that helped its founder score 99.9+ percentile in the VARC section of the CAT exam


As the craze of machine learning is taking over the world, here’s an unmissable app for you to enhance your colloquial ability or ace competitive exams. Here’s all that you need to know about, its core team along with Rahul, the founder of the unique app that none of us want to miss.

Rahul is currently working as a Product manager at NG-NeXT Tech and is parallelly working on his upcoming innovative AI app. Rahul’s interest in management began while building his first app with his team in his third year of engineering, and after that, he decided to pursue an MBA and thus began preparing for entrance exams such as the Common Aptitude Test (CAT).

During his initial preparation for the CAT exam, Rahul came up with the idea that paved the foundation for He discussed the idea with his close friends, Anvith Shetty and Darshan, who now happen to be the co-founders of Believing in the promising app, many other friends also contributed and helped in building this product, which has evolved over the course of Rahul’s MBA preparation. Rahul along with his friends had built the MVP back in 2020 and shared the app with their close friends and gained immense adulation from all, encouraging the founders to keep moving in the right direction. Rahul had originally planned to launch after getting into his dream B-school. However, after securing admissions in top-tier B-schools in the country like XLRI, SPJIMR, and NITIE, he decided not to pursue an MBA in India, realizing that now is the best time to launch The app that helped its founder score 99.9+ percentile in the VARC section of the CAT exam has been instrumental in helping Rahul score 99.47 percentile in CAT and a whopping 99.94 percentile in the VARC section of the CAT exam. has also helped Rahul in successfully impressing the interviewers during his selection interviews into India’s leading business schools. The app is set to launch by the end of this month and will be a valuable resource for anyone who reads or writes English on their Android phone.

After the launch, Rahul plans to start weekend coaching classes for CAT aspirants to help underprivileged kids with their education. Rahul wishes to create a more educationally-inclusive world.


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