Prioritizing Mental Wellness: Dr Paras Wellness Set to Launch Cost-Effective Application


In today’s fast-paced world, mental wellness is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Stress, anxiety, and relentless pursuit of achievements can take a toll on individuals’ emotional well-being, hampering their professional and personal lives in the process. 

Over time, mental wellness has become a growing concern, affecting individuals across all walks of life. The need for accessible and effective solutions for mental health has never been more pressing. Recognising this need, Dr Paras Wellness has crafted an innovative and cost-effective application, Mindfulness Practitioner©™, designed for corporates and anyone seeking solace and holistic well-being.

The Story of Origin

Mindfulness Practitioner is the brainchild of Dr Paras. This initiative traces back to 2018 in San Francisco, USA, where the seeds of inspiration were sown. The visionary coach embarked on a meaningful mission to bridge the gap between mental wellness and care accessibility. His motive was driven by a strong desire to impact India’s variegated society substantially.

Dr Paras states,” Witnessing the growing trend of young adults experiencing stress-related health issues, I felt compelled to create a solution accessible to all in my home country.” 

Dr Paras had a team of seasoned professionals who helped him realise a world where everyone can harness the power of their minds for both personal and professional growth. Supported by reliable luminaries like his sister Ekktaa Daithankar, Dr Paras is committed to empowering individuals and helping them realise their full potential.

A Feel-Better Principle

The ethos that lies at the core of the application is to promote a sense of ‘feeling better’.This simple yet profound concept encompasses every feature and service the app offers. 

Furthermore, the wellness coach wanted to help people who lack the financial support to seek out therapy or wellness coaching. Therefore, this application is dedicated to those individuals who wish to improve their mental health remotely.

Features and Offerings: A Glimpse into The Application

The application is still in its beta stage, yet over 10,000 clients have used this application and have reaped its benefits. With its extensive library of meticulously crafted recordings and affordable pricing, the app promises to democratise access to mental health resources, making healing accessible to all.

From creating a nurturing digital space reminiscent of a small universe to providing certificates, retreats, and psychometric assessments on mindfulness living, the app promises to catalyse transformative change.

Client Testimonials: Success Stories

Testimonials from early users attest to the transformative impact of the app, with individuals praising its ability to foster a deeper understanding of cognitive processes and emotional well-being.

Clients like Wren Mitchell, a Corporate Leadership Consultant and Coach, have affirmed, ‘Mindfulness app and programs increased my awareness and mindfulness; I experienced joy, peace, and hope. The experience changed my life! Dr Paras is an outstanding instructor and guide.’

In a world where stress levels are on the rise and mental health challenges abound, initiatives like Dr Paras Wellness offer a glimmer of hope. By prioritising mental wellness and embracing innovative solutions, individuals can embark on a brighter, more balanced future.


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