Radix Realty Transforms B2B Real Estate Sector with Custom Solutions for Builders and Developers


Founded in 2022, Radix Realty has steadily established its position in the bustling real estate market of Bangalore. This young and growing company, driven by a passionate team of enthusiastic employees with over a decade of industry experience, reflects its rock-solid commitment in providing unbiased property advice and B2B-focused solutions.

Contributing to National Economy

Radix envisions a future where India’s growth isn’t limited to booming metropolises, but extends its vibrant pulse to smaller cities as well. “We believe the country’s diverse economic potential lies not just in megacities, but in nurturing the untapped possibilities of smaller urban centers.” remarks Abhishek Jha, the founder.

Over the next two decades, while metros will undeniably expand, Radix predicts a phenomenon beyond mere size changes. The company foresees a transformation where smaller cities emerge as self-sustaining hubs, attracting talent and industries, becoming focal points for growth in their own right. 

This population shift will alleviate pressure on metros, creating a more balanced and resilient national economy. By empowering smaller cities to flourish, Radix aims to unlock a wave of economic diversification and opportunity, making India’s growth story truly inclusive and sustainable.

Delivering Unbiased Property Insights

Abhishek Jha, the Radix Realty founder, understood the need for personalised advice in the real estate market. Considering this, he had set up Radix Realty to prioritise transparency and objectivity when dealing with builders and their challenges.

With a team of experts, the company serves as a trusted advisor, providing clients with comprehensive market information, data-driven analysis, and thoughtful guidance. Abhishek and his team believe in empowering clients, helping them to make the right decisions, free from the potential biases that can affect the market.

In a nutshell, Radix Realty goes beyond offering information; they prepare clients with the necessary tools to navigate the real estate landscape confidently.

A Holistic Approach to B2B Relations

Radix Realty is dismantling the traditional sales and consultancy methods with its data-driven approach. Instead, it poses as the ultimate solution provider for any property developer.

The real-estate company’s comprehensive suite of services caters to every stage of the development process, ensuring clients achieve their desired outcomes. These services include:

  • Sales Strategy Development: Crafting effective sales strategies tailored to meet builders and developers cash flow goals.
  • Partnership Building: Establishing and fostering strategic alliances with key industry names.
  • Branding & Identity Creation: Shaping unique brand identities that resonate with the target market.
  • Pricing, Launching & Positioning: Optimizing pricing, launch strategies, and market positioning for maximum impact.
  • CRM & Operations Management: Implementing efficient CRM systems and streamlining operations for improved performance.
  • Channel Partner Alliance: Building a network of reliable partners to expand reach and brand presence in the particular micro markets.

A Proven Track Record of Success

Despite its young age, Radix Realty has already achieved impressive milestones. With over ₹500 crores in sales across the Bangalore region, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for high-end developers, ultra-luxury projects, and NRI clients. 

Building Meaningful Client Relationships

Radix Realty goes beyond achieving mere transactional success. They understand the intricacies of the business, possessing an in-depth understanding of real estate cash flow and developer challenges. This allows the real-estate team to devise customised sales and business strategies that address specific client needs and ensure long-term success. 

The company’s primary focus lies in delivering value, and fostering long-term relationships sets them apart in the competitive real estate landscape.

As Radix Realty expands its reach and services, it remains dedicated to its core values: transparency, expertise, and a client-centric approach. This combination of factors makes it a promising force to watch in the real estate sector. 


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