Rely+On Virkon from LANXESS effective against monkeypox virus

Rely+On Virkon from LANXESS effective against monkeypox virus

Effectiveness of Rely+On Virkon scientifically proven

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: With cases of monkeypox continuing to rise and spread around the world, government health departments are providing advice and guidance on how to help prevent transmission of the disease with hygiene and disinfection of the utmost importance.

The high level disinfectant Rely+On Virkon from specialty chemicals company LANXESS is effective against the monkeypox virus. The product is used for hard surface disinfection in hospital, healthcare and institutional facilities, airports, public transport terminals, clinics, shopping malls and many other routes of transition. Francois Martignoni, Head of the Human Health Disinfectants Business at LANXESS: “Practicing good hygiene must always be a part of our everyday routines, but the selection of a disinfectant proven to kill the target pathogen is critical”.

Rely+On Virkon inactivates monkeypox virus quickly

Independent tests have proven that Rely+On Virkon inactivates a closely related surrogate of the currently spreading pox virus strain. “From these tests it can be concluded that Rely+On Virkon is also effective against monkeypox virus,” Martignoni said.

Rely+On Virkon achieved inactivation of the pox virus strain at a 1:100 dilution rate with a 15-minute contact time. This corresponds to test conditions set out by the French AFNOR Association and proves the performance and suitability of Rely+On Virkon for practical use.

Rely+On Virkon is diluted for application and sprayed on hard surfaces. It can therefore help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

LANXESS’ Material Protection Products business unit produces a wide range of scientifically based biocide technologies under the Virkon brand.

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