SilverEdge: Personal Care and Well-being for the 40 and Beyond

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SilverEdge uniquely develops each product for the well-being of those in their 40s and beyond. Founded just over a year ago by Nagessh Pannaswami, Really Useful Enterprise Pvt Ltd, the driving force behind SilverEdge, recently secured a seed round from Fynehand Fiduciary LLP and two high-net-worth individuals, getting the brand into a new phase of growth and innovation.

SilverEdge has already positively impacted more than twenty-five thousand clients’, providing authentic wellness and self-care products that promote a healthy and active life. As the brand expands its product spectrum, it intends to cover every aspect and need of mature adults that other brands may have overlooked. 

SilverEdge aims to develop positive behaviour change among mature adults. Extensive research, including consumer listening and ethnographic studies, has identified a cultural shift where mature adults actively seek products aligned with their desires and needs, reflecting a new sense of engagement and passion. 

SilverEdge, India’s first wellness and personal care brand designed specifically for 40 and beyond, has swiftly gained ground in the market. Boasting a user base of over 30,000 with a strong retention rate, SilverEdge’s recent funding signals a bright future. Investors, led by Fynehand Fiduciary LLP, express confidence in the brand’s understanding of the evolving consumer outlook.

Statement from the investor, Siddharth Raisurana “SilverEdge recognises the evolving consumer landscape and is seizing the opportunity by offering a range of products curated specially for the 40+ audience. We are excited about the prospect of scaling this journey together.”

The funds from the investors will fuel SilverEdge’s plans for expansion, focusing on new product launches. From gummies to skincare, hair care, and gut health solutions, all for the 40+ audience, SilverEdge is set to diversify its offerings. The goal is to provide age-specific products, enabling mature adults to embrace a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Recognising a significant gap in the market, SilverEdge steps in as the first brand dedicated to meeting the desires and needs of the 40+ demographic. While direct competitors targeting this group may be scarce, SilverEdge views every brand in the wellness and personal care segment as potential competition. The brand aims to be the go-to destination for mature adults who deserve products designed for their unique lifestyle.

Nagessh Pannaswami, Founder & CEO, said, “SilverEdge is at a critical inflexion point, and the confidence shown by the investors is a testament to their confidence in the brand and the market opportunity.”

SilverEdge is ready to redefine the wellness and personal care experience for the 40+ Community under the guidance of its founder, Nagessh Pannaswami. With a clear vision, investor support, and a deep understanding of its audience, SilverEdge invites everyone to join the journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling silver age. As the brand grows, it requests individuals to participate in the pro-ageing movement, experiencing the transformative power of SilverEdge firsthand.

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