SriiKaushal’s Advice to youth

SriiKaushal's Advice to youth
SriiKaushal Goswami

Well known actor and owner of Kaushal & Kaushal Films, SriiKaushal Goswami believes it is very important to use your time well because time is the only thing that rich-poor and every type of person or creature have equal, recently we did a small interview with him like in the interview he has given this advice to the young generation and to all the people of today’s belongings of his stuff, use your time very well even as you set your goals, behind a few words, start working hard in the right direction, slowly but surely you will get to learn a lot of new things in your right direction, he also told that what today’s youth generation scores the most need to stay away from!!

SriiKaushal's Advice to youth

  1. Stay away from drugs and keep yourself healthy first,
  1. If possible in life, adopt yoga and other exercises so that you stay healthy and you can also do meditation, so that very good new ideas arise in your mind,
  1. Stay away from porn website as it crushes your mind badly,
  1. Value your time and what needs to be done, well like the schedule, you work all day,
  1. Think in the right direction and work as hard as you can, you must have your destination,
  1. Never think of yourself as small, you have a brain, that same mind is your biggest and only solution which will bring you ahead of all your circumstances and always be ready to work hard,
  1. Always try to make yourself nice and soft, talk to everyone with respect and maintain a friendship with everyone because different people come to us at every turn, so always keeping good relations becomes a beneficial factor,
  1. Along with yourself, always think about other people that what will get you a very good leadership and taking you far ahead,

It was such an advice that SriiKaushal given and if implemented, he says that most people can grow well and take out their career in shining.


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