Sustainable development -The Green Living’s journey of coexisting with nature

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India, being the most populated country, deforestation and urbanization go hand in hand. Reducing its effect by any possible means is the least one could do from their end. So, the Green Living, these budding entrepreneurs came up with a solution where they aim to bridge the gap between nature and urban living. With a mission to create beautiful, sustainable outdoor and indoor spaces, the Green Living is aiming to transform ordinary spaces into vibrant gardens, enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities alike.

They provide services ranging from garden designing, installation, maintenance and also conduct educational workshops to enlighten people about the basic and right information about plants. One of their unique initiatives is plant clinic, where expert horticulturists help plant lovers revive their dying plants by identifying the cause and treating it to the core.

They acknowledge the surge in indoor planting despite the challenges it presents. According to their horticulturists indoor plants offer therapeutic benefits and have positive influence on improving the air quality. While pest attacks and maintenance issues pose challenges but they believe with proper awareness and dedication, sharing your living or workspace with breathing plant life can make your environment a happier and healthier place to be.

The Green Living’s journey began with the realization of lack of organized gardening services, especially in the residential sector. Founders after research experienced difficulty in finding quality outdoor and indoor exotic plants, along with reliable information on plant maintenance. This gap inspired the launch of their first garden centre, offering a wide range of plants, pots, garden decors and expert guidance all under one roof.

The company’s main focus is on customer satisfaction rather than selling the products. Like so, the Green Living distinguishes itself from competitors and that is what makes them stand out. They also provide a platform for customers to voice their concerns and queries. When it comes to their client problems, they are all ears. They ensure their clients are not just content but also educated about gardening and its benefits.

The Green Living believes that by making conscious choices and adopting ecofriendly habits, each of us has the power to contribute to greener future. The Green Living sees it as a moral obligation to create a healthier environment and they are doing their part by taking a step towards sustainable, greener, healthier and connected society. They strongly abide by the statement,” small step, big impact.”

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