TARCURRY Presents PATRAPODA: A Smoky Delight Wrapped in Tradition Delivered to Your Doorstep

TARCURRY Presents PATRAPODA A Smoky Delight Wrapped in Tradition Delivered

Noida, [India], January 11, 2024-– TARCURRY, the rapidly growing restaurant in Noida, has launched its culinary delight, PATRAPODA— a smoky leafy wrap promising a tantalising gastronomic journey like never before. Founded in April 2023 by the culinary enthusiast Rashmita Mishra, TARCURRY has rapidly become synonymous with authentic Mom’s style meals and innovative menu offerings.


TARCURRY has its etymological roots in the Odia word ‘TarKaari’. The founder, Rashmi Mishra, draws on her rich culinary background, having trained under the legendary chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Having honed her skills as a skilled home cook, feeding family, friends, and relatives during significant occasions, Mrs Rashmi’s passion for experimenting with spices led her to share her creations with the world through her line of packaged Indian curries, launched under the brand name “TARCURRY”

Popular Sensation

TARCURRY’s latest sensation, PATRAPODA— a unique rendition of the traditional dish, adds to the innovative and fulfilling menu of the food line. This dish boasts a selection of marinated paneer, mushrooms, soya chaap, chicken, prawns, and fish, creating a symphony of diverse flavours and textures. Introducing her ‘labour of love’, Mrs Rashmi remarks, “We wanted to offer our customers a unique experience, where every bite leaves an unforgettable impression. PATRAPODA is a labour of love, crafted with the finest ingredients and passionately cooked. It’s a blending of tradition and innovation. We are confident that it will delight food enthusiasts and leave them craving for more.”

Innovative Menu 

Ensuring a delightful experience for every foodie, TARCURRY lays out various options, including soya cheap, mushroom, and paneer for vegetarians and an assortment of meats for non-vegetarians. The chefs are planning to launch their thoughtful curation, including flavours like pineapple, baby corn, lotus stem, sweet corn, and baby potato patrapoda. Such diverse options will be available to customers in upcoming weeks.

Delectable Praises

Hailed as a “culinary revelation” and a “fusion of flavours that excite the palate, “PATRAPODA has received immense customer appreciation since its first appearance. Already a popular destination in Noida, TARCURRY offers a customer-centric approach in its services. They promote the convenience of doorstep delivery, allowing food enthusiast between the age range of 25 and 45 to savour the delightful dish in the comfort of their homes

TARCURRY continues to transform the culinary scene in Noida with its commitment to providing authentic Mom style meals and a variegated menu chart, catering to a broad audience. 

Customers craving this appetizing dish can order directly through www.tarcurry.com  or can order via Swiggy & Zomato.

Contact Information:
Phone :  +919599330010.


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