Tired of Trying to Change? Author Dipesh Majumder Decodes the Struggle and Offers a New Blueprint

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We live in an age obsessed with self-improvement. The global self-improvement market is valued at over $30 billion annually, with countless guides, coaches, and endless motivational content on Instagram & LinkedIn promising the key to success. Yet, a staggering 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, suggesting that even with access to information and a strong desire, countless individuals remain frustrated and unable to implement positive and lasting change in their lives. Launching his new book from Burj Khalifa, Dubai “Making Change Happen,” the author and change enthusiast Dipesh Majumder argues that the problem isn’t a lack of information or desire – it’s our very approach to change itself.

Drawing on personal experiences, Majumder’s book confronts the unspoken reality: most people don’t truly want to change. Real change disrupts routines, demands sacrifices, and often feels deeply uncomfortable. “Making Change Happen” isn’t just another motivational pep talk; it’s a brutally honest examination of our resistance to change and a practical toolkit for overcoming those inbuilt blockades.

This book isn’t for the comfortable or complacent. It’s for those ready to admit they’re going through the motions, who deep down know they’re settling for less than they deserve. If you’re sick of talking about what you’ll do ‘someday’ and want to start turning those dreams into reality, this is your wake-up call.

A central insight of “Making Change Happen” is the holistic nature of change. Majumder breaks down life into eight key spheres: Business, Finances, Relationships, Physical Health, Mental Health, Spirituality, Family, and Lifestyle. He shows how change in any one area inevitably ripples out to others and the techniques readers can use to manage and embrace these connections.

This isn’t a theoretical exercise. Majumder offers actionable techniques, “mental models,” and guidance born of his own journey: “Many of the book’s strategies were things I stumbled on while working through my own challenges – building businesses, getting in shape, overcoming self-doubt,” he explains.

Beyond individual readers, “Making Change Happen – A Blueprint For Dealing With Change In 8 Spheres Of Life” aims to foster a support network – the largest community of individuals in India ready to embrace disruption and growth. “A major obstacle to change is feeling alone. If you can’t surround yourself with like-minded people, it’s significantly harder to keep going,” Majumder contends.

This book is ideal for students navigating the transition to the workforce, job seekers wanting an edge in the competitive market, professionals seeking career advancement or re-entry, aspiring entrepreneurs ready to face the ups and downs of business, and anyone striving to achieve a balance between personal growth and family values.

Ultimately, “Making Change Happen” isn’t about becoming someone new; it’s about finding the courage to let the changes happening around us and within us propel us into the fullness of who we are meant to be. The Author calls this the “T20 version” of self-help books for Generation Z by offering bite-sized insights and actionable advice for tackling life’s biggest challenges – all in quick, 10-minute reads. QR-coded resources further extend your journey beyond the book’s final page for quick wins and lasting change.

Within 48 hours of its release, the book kept soaring to the top 10 bestsellers list on Amazon India Store. At the Kolkata International Book Fair 2024 and New Delhi World Book Fair 2024, it received widespread acclaim and multiple award nominations, grounding its position as a must-read self-help book for the Gen Z generation.

Join the community https://www.makingchangehappen.club/ 

About the Author

Dipesh Majumder is a seeker, storyteller, and co-learner on an extraordinary journey of change and growth. An alumnus of IIM Lucknow, a seasoned entrepreneur and a curious soul, Dipesh has ventured into the fields like productivity tech, health tech, event tech, and mar-tech. Now, he unveils his secrets and experiences, empowering readers in their 20s and 30s to embrace change and thrive. With a passion for sharing knowledge, Dipesh’s book takes you on a unique ride, offering hard-hitting affirmations, eye-opening revelations, and actionable resources. His unfinished story of triumph over failure will inspire you to embark on your own path to success.


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