‘Too Too’ Discount Ki Limit Nahi, Online Grocery Shopping Platform


Amidst the giants of the trade, a new name starts to bloom, TooToo emerges, aiming high, to sweep away the gloom. In Jaipur’s heart, it takes its stand, where dreams begin to weave, A brainchild of young Shivain, with goals he shall achieve.

From Southern California’s halls, where knowledge found its ground, He saw the need for grocery streams in online realms abound. “In this age where screens are kings, and comfort calls us near, To shop for food with just a click has brought a new frontier.”

So, TooToo sprang to life one day in August’s warm embrace, “To cater to the growing needs, we launched our friendly space. Our app so simple, smooth, and bright, a shopper’s pure delight, From groceries to household goods, all priced to be just right.”

“With orders swift, within four hours, we bring them to your door, Convenience reigns, our service proud, of this we must implore.” Five thousand products on their list, from vendors far and wide, With rewards to earn, the joy of shop is one we can’t subside.

A milestone grand, one lakh downloads, a triumph to behold, Their secret lies in loyalty, as stories often told. Ahead, they see expansion’s path, to cities far and near, In self-funded grace they grow, their future crystal clear.


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