Unlocking the Power of Numbers: Dr. Rohit Gadkari’s Extraordinary Journey in Numerology

Unlocking the Power of Numbers: Dr. Rohit Gadkari's Extraordinary Journey in Numerology

Dr. Rohit Gadkari stands out as a source of knowledge and wisdom in the interesting world where numbers tell us secrets and affect our lives. With a long and successful career and a strong desire to share the benefits of numerology, Dr. Gadkari has earned the title of Ph.D. gold winner in this age-old science.

His path and the things he has added to numbers are truly amazing.

Numerology: A Universal Path to Enlightenment

Numerology is the old art and science of numbers. It can help you learn more about yourself and grow as a person. Dr. Rohit Gadkari’s method is unique because it is open to everyone. He is sure that math is for everyone, no matter what they know or have done before. There are three strong reasons why Dr. Gadkari’s number of services are different:

  • Accessible to All: Dr. Gadkari’s teaching style is welcoming and approachable. Whether you are a seasoned numerologist or someone completely new to the field, his expertise is delivered in a way that is easy to grasp. Often considered complex, numerology becomes a fascinating journey of self-awareness under his guidance.
  • Universal Application: Numerology transcends cultural boundaries and is a universal language of self-discovery. Dr. Gadkari’s teachings embrace this diversity, making it relatable and applicable to people from all walks of life. He showcases how numerology can be harnessed to understand oneself better and make informed life decisions.
  • Ph.D. Gold Medalist: Dr. Rohit Gadkari’s dedication to numerology is evident through his academic achievements. His Ph.D. gold medal in numerology is a testament to his deep understanding and commitment to this ancient science. He combines this academic rigor with practical insights, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

A Champion of Numerology Education

In addition to his many accomplishments, Dr. Gadkari wants to give others the power of numbers. He gives free 8-day numerology lessons every three months that draw hundreds of eager students. Interested people can use these classes to learn more about the secrets of numbers and how they affect our lives.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Gadkari is very involved in programs that reach out to the community and use numbers to help people get their lives in order. His commitment to this cause has changed many people’s lives, which has made them want to learn more about the endless possibilities of numbers.

The journey of Dr. Rohit Gadkari in numerology is not just a story of personal success; it’s also a story of strength and enlightenment. His dedication to making numerology available to everyone shows how much he wants to help people find their true selves.

For people who want to learn more about themselves, gain power, and grow, Dr. Rohit Gadkari’s numerology services can be a life-changing journey into the world of numbers.


    • I am very thankful to Universe that I have Dr.Rohit gadkari sir as my Numerology teacher. Congratulations to you sir 🎉🙏. He is not only teacher but a life coach. Lots of gratitude sir🙏
      Congratulations and best wishes sir 💐

  1. Gratitude sir to teach & help us to become a bestest version of myself, Im the only student who is rejected 2 times by sir because I also have a busy schedule but I requested to join again and again, than he allowed me, I never attend a single live class, but I not leave a single class recording, thanks sir, I m not going use numerology as professionally, but this helps me personally for me & my family to understand the things what’s going on In our life. You are the best ever teacher I have, thanks again for making me the part of this occult family.

  2. Thank you Universe This is very Amazing for us We found a Dimond of Numarology Master he is ocean of knowledge, This is Such a Dream come True Thank you Ishver Parmatma
    We are very Lucky
    Thank you Dr. Rohit gadkari sir
    Love you forever
    S Gaba Ji 8373873115

  3. Dr Rohit Gadkari is the best mentor and teacher one can get ….he not only teaches Numerology…but also changes the way we look at life …as they say na SOME TEACHERS ONLY TEACH US AND GO ….SOME TEACHERS TEACH US AND LEAVE DISTINCTIVE FOOTPRINTS 👣👣….so Rohit sir is the one who has left a mark on all his students for life …. congratulations sir 🎉🎉

  4. Dr Rohit Gadkari is the best mentor and teacher one can get ….he not only teaches Numerology…but also changes the way we look at life …as they say na SOME TEACHERS ONLY TEACH US AND GO ….SOME TEACHERS TEACH US AND LEAVE DISTINCTIVE FOOTPRINTS 👣👣….so Rohit sir is the one who has left a mark on all his students for life …. congratulations sir 🎉🎉

  5. No one can beat his teaching passion, knowledge, kindness.
    Thank full to universe Jo Hume ese Guru se milwaya !!
    Rohit sir made this number game very easy to understand.

  6. Numbers has always been fascinates me and the why Dr Rohit Gadkari teaches and help a person under the power and impact of numbers is amazing. I am really thankful of you being our mentor

    • We loved your teaching the habit of making us write made us like real students of school
      Thank you so much sir for your teachings
      God bless you always de

  7. Thank you for everything u do for ur students…u r really passionate about ur choice of field I.e NUMEROLOGY…ur patience..ur depth of knowledge about the subject ..ur selfless efforts to make ur students to understand the subject..nobody can’t beat that level…I am greatful that I choose u as my teacher for this field of occult family…..thanks once again teacher

  8. Dr..Rohit Gadkari….he is one person who’s dedication towards his work is beyond words …his knowledge and patiences is remarkable and whatever he impacts on his students is mind-blowing he makes it a point that his students learn everything …and need not look out for other options …one mentor who’s always going to be looked upon 🔥

  9. Thank you for everything u do for ur students…u r really passionate about ur choice of field I.e NUMEROLOGY…ur patience..ur depth of knowledge about the subject ..ur selfless efforts to make ur students to understand the subject..nobody can’t beat that level…I am greatful that I choose u as my teacher for this field of occult family…..thanks once again teacher

  10. Rohit sir aj k time k best mentor hai .sikhane ka way bhut accha hai me ek house wife hu sir ne mujhe numerology sikha kr ek nayi direction di .jitne tarif ki Jaye utna km hai

  11. Extremely happy for u rohit sirji ,n many congratulations to u .it was an honour to learn about numbers through u.ur knowledge is beyond imagination,ur teaching skills has made me gain a lot regarding numbers.ur a gem n an excellent mentor .no one can beat ur teaching skills .I am really lucky that I am connected to u .still more to learn from u .immense gratitude sirji for everything.😊🙏♥️

  12. Amazing mentor, Teacher, Career guide, Guru…I just can’t miss his class. His way of teaching Numerology whether it is Loshu, Pythagoras, Chaldeon, Name correction, Mobile Numerolgy is so simple and interesting that one would fall in love. God bless Rohit Sir.

  13. Rohit Sir is the best mentor. He shares all his knowledge to the students. He is not only the Numerologist, but a best life coach. Always ready to help. Lot’s of Gratitude Rohit Sir. God bless you always. 🙏

  14. So thankful for you sharing your knowledge with us. You are an amazing teacher. I am so blessed to have a teacher like you. Very Proud moments. Congratulations Sir 🎉👍

  15. Thank you Sir for illuminating my mind with knowledge and nurturing my growth. Your impact on my life is immeasurable and I’m forever grateful for your dedication. I’m grateful for your tireless efforts. You’ve ignited a passion for learning that will forever inspire me. Gratitude always. Stay blessed.

    • Thank you Rohit Sir for choosing me as your student. Your unique way of teaching, your patience and the way you try to connect every student with the group is truly commendable. It is only because of you that we now have an extended family of like minded people.
      You have not just taught us Numerology but also some major life lessons that will surely go a long way with us.
      I wish that you reach great heights of success and may your knowledge continue to reach as many people as possible.
      Grateful from the core of my being. Thank you for being my mentor.


  17. True! However the above worde doesn’t do justice to the personality of Dr. Rohit Gadkari neither as ACE Numerologist nor as one of the finest teacher. He is more, much more..

    Yes there is more to learn about and from Dr. Rohit Gadkari and you can not learn all these wonderful aspects as reader or as an audience but the only way is by becoming a Student. And I recommend everyone to be one for at least once.
    You Will cherish this decision of investing your time.

  18. Very rare to find a teacher/ mentor whose primary aim and concern is that his students have understood his teachings properly or not .A true mentor who finds happiness in seeing his students progress and spread his teachings. Rohit sir and his course has been a big blessing for most of us . He believes in delivering much more than one expects . Excellent teacher! A beautiful soul ! Extremely understanding and helpful ! Very patient ! Thorough knowledge and command on his subject ! Most importantly a very humble person ! It was a pleasure to learn from him . WIsh you the best sir

  19. Lots of gratitude Sir, to add values in our life through teach numerology, way to study & research, always motivate to achieve success in life both in Profesional & personal life, remind to be always grounded, help to others, to built self confidence, Humanitarian behavior & lots of positivity in my life that can’t be possible to express in few words. Thanks to God, who give me opportunity to joint with Rohit Sir & to learn lots & lots of amazing & good things & to do best of best karma in my life. 🙏💐

  20. You are the best teacher sir..aapki taarif mein jo words km pd jaate hain..jitna bola jaaye utna km.. maine mushkil se 10 live classes li hongi aur recordings se course complete Kiya..maine professionally nhi kuchh krna pr numerology sikhkr pta chla ki main khud ke liye kya kr skti hu.. Thankyou sir!apne students mein mera naam add krne ke liye.. Thankyou sir!aap ne itne simple way se knowledge ka bhandaar diya.. aur ye aap hi ho jiski vajah se numerology sikhne ka mera sapna pura hua.. Thankyou universe jo aise mentor se milvaya.. Thankyou Thank you Thankyou

  21. Great teacher,Mentor and more than that..He is my first guru in Occult Science and I am very thankful to universe to have a Rohit Sir as my pratham guru..
    His teaching skills,dedication,discipline,Patience,politenss are on the next level …PURE DIVINE SOUL

  22. Incredible teaching and a genuine human being. He has been so balanced throughout his teaching sections with us. Individual attention on each and every student.. Always ready to help even after completing the course. Apart from Numerology, he has certainly guided us , how to be a professional numerologist and the real values of life. My कोटि कोटि प्रणाम to a real GURU!

  23. Congratulations sir .
    One of the bestest teacher I have come across.. a life transformation… No teacher no mentor can guide us the way you hve done … Words cannot express the gratitude and blessings we have as a family for you …from our bottom of our hearts pray you grow and succeed in life… God bless you always .. you have not only taught us numbers but taught us real values of life …thank you thank you 🙏

  24. Rohit Gadkari is one of the best montor .He is not only the best mentor best numorologist and life coach .His way of teaching numorology is very simple and unique .We blessed by god to have a teacher like u .Congratulations sir

  25. 💐Many many congratulations Rohit sir.we r proud to have such a wonderful person as our mentor,guide,teacher in journey of occult science and lots of gratitude that we met an amazing person who is always willing to help as a human being to everyone .Always be blessed.

  26. Really, u r a priceless Gem , amazing mentor, amazing person , and a wonderful life coach.
    I’m blessed to have u as my mentor. I’ll always want to learn more n more from you till my last breath. Many more congratulations sir 💐🍫
    We all love u ….🎉🥳💐🍫

  27. Rohit sir is gem of a person. The way of making us learn is the excellent method. He ground to earth person, I blessed to have a Mentor like him. I grateful to you sir. May Lord Ganesha bless you with all dreams, health and knowledge. Grateful to great person.

  28. Rohit sir, your dedication to teaching and your endless patience have truly made a difference in my life, in all our life.
    Thank you Rohit sir, For inspiring me everyday and helping me become a better version of myself. For being the best mentor in not only guiding through numerology, but pushing us to grow in life through countless lessons. Thank you for instilling in us a love for learning and the courage to chase our dreams. The way you have taught us, made us aware about the world of occult science – numerology – is beyond words.
    Thank you Universe for Bringing to us A Guru, a Mentor, a Guiding light – Gratitude Gratitude gratitude.

    Sunita khemkka – 7305062135

  29. CongratulationsSir💐💐
    I an thankfull to you Rohit Sir for the way you have challenged me and motivated me to reach my potential.You are not just a teacher but a mentor, shaping both my knowledge and chracter.Your passion for teaching is evident and I’m lucky to have learned from you. Blessed to have you in my life.Thank you Sir🙏🏻

  30. CongratulationsSir💐💐
    I an thankfull to you Rohit Sir for the way you have challenged me and motivated me to reach my potential. passion for teaching is evident and I’m lucky to have learned from you. Blessed to have you in my life.Thank you Sir🙏🏻

  31. Nothing to say it is a matter of feelings the depth of knowledge presentation and what not if you join a week free class by Dr Rohit Sir, His the occasion of Numero knowledge .e is not only a Mentor but a friend, well-wisher. Divine bless him always.

  32. Great mentor one must have in life, you get to learn different types of Numerology under his roof. Very sweet, down to earth teacher, he gives equal importance to all his students. Very easy to understand learning process he has.
    His teachings are priceless. We are greatful to have him as a teacher.
    He has shapedup his all the students so well, and they have come out as a wonderful people today, unforgettable journey he gave to all the students.
    Thank you. Lots of gratitude and love to you sir 🙏
    God bless you with good health happiness prosperity and abundance.

  33. “Dear Dr. Rohit Gadkari sir
    I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable guidance and insights into the world of numerology. Your expertise has
    helped me a lot in important life decisions and gain a deeper understanding of myself and my family and also gained a lot of confidence to provide guidance to others.
    Your dedication and your willingness to share your knowledge are truly commendable. I bow down and the warmest congratulations to you for the remarkable work you do in the field of numerology. Your passion and commitment shine brightly, and I feel fortunate to have you as my numerology guide.

    Thank you once again for your guidance and congratulations on your continued success in this fascinating realm of numerology.

    Warm regards,
    Numerologist Bela zaveri.

  34. Dr Rohit gadkari is a great mentor , motivator, teacher and the best numerologist … learning from him is just a blessing…
    He always pushes everyone to move ahead , think out of the box and do magic with numbers ….

  35. Dr Rohit Gadkari Ji a True Mentor , Teacher , Guru and Best of The Best Numerologist . He does not just impart knowledge but makes sure that one gains full clarity and knowledge of whatever he teaches . I am truly Grateful and feel blessed to have Rohit Sir as my Teacher and Mentor . He is that Pure Light which had lighten up our life’s with his presence and guidance . Lots of love and Gratitude to Rohit Sirji

  36. Atma Namaste 🙏
    Guru is who lighten the path of his students.
    Gratitude Universe for the positive impact Rohit Sir has on our life’s as a versatile Teacher Guide Mentor . A true Guru is like a guiding light that illuminates the Path of their Students helping them navigate through life’s challenges and discover their own wisdom. Sir Thank you.
    I salute aapki Patience and Deepest Knowledge of all Teachings. Thank you 🙏

  37. Dear Rohit Sir,
    I feel so lucky to have a mentor like you , you have so much depth knowledge of numerology and everything…i have learnt a lot ….you are so much disciplined , hard working ,a very very good teacher with a very good humour , you are a perfect person , you changed our lives , u have made us new friends also , now we are not alone, sir in hindi you are a SARVA GUN SAMPAN person ,.. we all are your fan , everyone who is under your observation or your students or near dear ones are very lucky …
    I have some new courses from which i have never heard of … and they are giving really good results to my clients … looking forward to learnt more n more from you…

    Lot of blessings to you

  38. You are a TRUE knowledgeable, disciplined,
    loving, hardworking and giving Guru.You not only impart knowledge but also teach us how to make it profitable without going on the wrong path.All the best and heartiest Congratulations

  39. Dr. Rohit Gadkari is not only a good numerologist but also a good human. I highly recommend his name for learning numerology

  40. Rohit sir is the best teacher, mentor, guide and guru that anyone can be blessed with.
    Gratitude! To the universe and to my Sadguru to bring the opportunity for me to learn from you Sir. Thank you for being an exemplary teacher and guide. My learning journey with you might be few months but the spiritual progress and enlightenment it brought in my life is worth many many years.
    I offer you immense love and heartfelt blessings with deep deep gratitude.

  41. One of the best teachers I’ve come across.
    Humble , kind , down to earth and helpful .
    His impeccable style of teaching make him stand out as a teacher.
    Sir not only teach numbers but also motivate and inspire us to help others .
    Dedication , consistency and hardwork is what i learnt from sir.
    Fortunate to have a guru like you .

  42. Sir very true you are excellent your way teaching and explaining is superb it hits directly no need of notes too . I also want to b lucky to have you as my guru in my life thanks to universe and my di to guide me…..

  43. Dr. Rohit Gadkari sir is a wonderful teacher who helps everybody and his teaching is not only limited to the concerned subject but also teaching us about the real world.
    Loved his teaching very much
    Thank you and grateful to you sir

  44. One of the biggest qualities of Rohit Sir is that he connects everyone together. His charm is such that all of his students feel like a family and also builds relations like a family. This is the first time I have seen students meeting each other, gelling so well despite taking classes virtually. This can only come from a person who is grounded by heart and is down to earth. Wish you loads of success Rohit Sir!!

  45. Dr. ROHIT GADKARI is a very inspiring and knowledgeable teacher. Not only this but a gem of a person. Dedicated to his profession to the extent that he did his best to teach even against all odds. It was we who were saying Sir take a break but he was like no hats off to Sir’s sincerity.

  46. My guru in the field of occult, res Rohit sir, no one can beat you, you are the best n you will be the best, aapne whole course hum sabko jaise spoon feed kiya, just amazing, you will be in our heart always as our mentor, very helpful, kind hearted, genuine, a real gentleman. Gratitude 🙏

  47. I’m Truly blessed to be a student of Rohit sir .. I’m highly grateful to Rohit sir for giving all the knowledge in great abundance to all the students…. !

  48. Congratulations sir, you are wonder ful, amazing, best human being, aapne hume itna bada occult family diya which is really fantastic, I will remember you always for guiding in the field of numerology n other fields also, will remember your sense of humor always which is a part of your fabulous teaching

  49. Congratulations Rohit Sir🥳😊
    Each word mentioned in the article is absolutely true and there is more than that. His way of teaching is commendable. He is the gem. His teaching is not to the time bound. He delivers more than the expectations. The classes are not limited to the numerology it is much more than that.
    Definitely blessed to have a mentor like him🙏
    Best Wishes Sir!
    Many More to come Chappar Phadke🎊🥳

  50. Rohit sir, Is a great mentor, His teachings and style of teaching is amazing. He not only teaches, he is also like our life coach, spiritual coach, take care and covers all aspects of life. Hats off to you sir. Lots n tons of gratitude sir. Thank God for making him our coach, advisor, teacher, mentor……

  51. Gratitude sir 🙏
    I feel proud to be a student of Dr Rohit Gadkari ji. It’s an honour and previledge to have you as my mentor.You not only teach us numerology, but also you teach us a number of life lessons which help us to improve ourselves as a better individuals day by day. I am blessed to have you as my mentor/teacher/coach.

    Best wishes Rohit Sir
    God bless you 🙏

  52. Congratulations Rohit Sir Ji 🎉🎉🎉
    We all are the luckiest student of your…we have a real Gem of the world not only a mentor of numerology but also a life coach.. Always shines through deep Knowledge and unique method of teaching… it’s amazing journey of my life, since I had joined the foundation course to Advance numerology course …
    Sir you are a Founder of ideal family members behind the way of yours teaching skills.. I’m the one of luckiest batch students.. You had changed my life with the sentence *Learning is earning*. I’m always eagerly want’s to learn from Rohit Sir..
    Thank you so much Sir for everything ✨
    Immense Gratitude Rohit Sir Ji🙏❤️

  53. I have been studying occult sciences subjects since a year now . I have come across many teachers who have helped me in my journey of becoming a better guide and consultant in this field. 🙏 but once I attended Dr. Rohit ji s 8 day free numerology course, I decided to pursue my Masters in the subject, only with him. His style is relaxed yet the learning is indepth . He will repeat each statement a few times so that everyone catches up. His style of teaching is
    free flowing and easy going. There are enough senior people in the group who are already in this field since many years , yet they chose to learn under him. We are all blessed to have him as our Teacher and guide. We all love him and pray for more accolades and success coming his way. Everyone who is interested in learning any subject of occult sciences should definitely experience his classes. Congratulations to you Sir and Best wishes 🙏.

  54. Rohit sir is really a great mentor and such a amazing person. We feel blessed to have him as our mentor thankyou so much sir

  55. Sir,
    First of all, congratulations for all your achievements.
    I really appreciate the way of teaching you do and love the method you apply. Besides the theory of Numerology, the methodology as well as the sense of understanding you provide regarding our life journey is really commendable and powerful. It helps many students to understand the true potential of life and how to live it happily. You as a mentor always provided us a familiar environment so that our learning can be more enhanced and interactive. Being a Teacher & a friend you help the students in every possible way without getting irritated and smiling. Having classes with you is fun and learning both at the same time.
    Lots of Gratitude Sir!!🙏
    I hope we will make you proud some day and do better things in this field.😊❤️
    Siddhant Arvind
    (Signing Off)

  56. He is a best teacher, mentor, a divine soul, the best person ever.
    His teaching skills are absolutely amazing 👏.
    He has the power to change anyone’s life in a positive way.
    I m really feeling lucky to be a student of

  57. I have never ever seen such a great Mentor and awesome heartful personality like Rohit Sir.He is the best of the best.I am really very happy for his success .Stay blessed always with lots of happiness love and blessings.

  58. Many Congratulations Sir for this great achievement. Your way of teaching is wonderful, amazing, fantastic. Your method of teaching makes every concept very easy to understand. Never seen such teacher like you. Thank you for coming into our lives and changing our lives. Rohit Sir ,You are the best. I am feeling so proud to be your student. Very Thankful and Grateful to you Sir.

  59. I don’t know from where should I start and there are numerous of things to share…. Really, Rohit Sir is a gem .. he came to my life and showered me the enlightenment of knowledge and power because of him I feel very confident and got some aggression to achieve something great… He is not only giving wonderful teaching to us but also helps to encourage and boost up our confidence.. I really feel blessed ❤️❤️🙏 Thankyou Universe for letting me to meet with sir .He is the best guru I ever got .. 💯😊 And this is not the end as the words will become short to describe him fully 😇🙏

  60. Congratulations Rohit Sir, you are a best teacher. You have come like a guardian angel in our life and is helping us nurture to become better human beings with your guiding light. You are truly a mentor. I wonder, why have I not met you before. Nevertheless, under your mentorship, I know I will scale to new heights in life and will achieve my real calling in life. Thank you Sir for superb support. I will be failing in my words, if I don’t mention about the awesome learning experience we had under your teaching methodology, which is simply unmatchable and the best. My only prayer to God is to always be with you and give more power to you so that you keep blessing and mentoring and guiding many more people like us.
    Gratitude and Thanks 😊

  61. Sir ji Congratulations💐🙂
    Really am V proud to be your student.
    You are ocean of knowledge.
    The way you teach us is Awesome no words about it.
    As a mentor you motive us.
    As a person you are kind hearted & down to earth person.
    You have Tremendous Knowledge in the field of Occult Science.
    You are a Unique Gem in world of numerlogy.
    Thank you 🙏
    Thank you 🙏
    Thank you 🙏
    Gratitude Sir ji

  62. We loved your teaching the habit of making us write made us like real students of school
    Thank you so much sir for your teachings
    God bless you always

  63. , “I would like to express my heartfelt immense gratitude to Dr. Rohit Gadkari Sir for the incredible insights and guidance he have provided us through numerology. Not only numerology he have taught but also have shaped each one of us well to achieve and be successful through his tremendous knowledge. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to all who are interested in learning numerology don’t think twice just do it from him .. Thank You Sir for giving us this opportunity to be part of your Numerology Student ….Many more Success and Achievements to Come …Once again CONGRATULATIONS SIR 💐💐


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