Archana Jain Shares 10 Habits Of Highly Disciplined People

Archana Jain Shares 10 Habits Of Highly Disciplined People
Archana Jain

When it comes to life, if you want to succeed and do hard things to reach your goals, you have to have discipline. While ‘having’ discipline may sound like a difficult task to those who have none, the good news is, that there is always room for change.

If you are looking to become a more disciplined person, you merely need to align yourself with the behaviors of a highly disciplined person, It may be hard at first if you are new, but the more you continue to work at this, the better you will get. To start, it will help to know what the habits of highly disciplined people are so that you will know where to begin. Here are 9 habits of the highly disciplined.

1. They avoid temptation.

Disciplined people know that no matter how much willpower you may have, the temptation can get you if it is around. To work to avoid it- they know their limits and live accordingly. For example, if highly disciplined people know that when they keep cookies and candy in their cupboard, they will eat them, they don’t keep them around.

2. They live with intent.

Disciplined people live their lives intentionally. Every action they make has an intention behind it, and one they are actively aware of.

3. They commit.

When disciplined person decides to do something, they commit 100%. They don’t play around with trying, instead, they set it in stone.

4. They take care of themselves.

A disciplined person knows that if they want to lead a happy life, they need to take care of themselves. They exercise regularly, attend to their appointments, eat healthily and take care of hygiene.

5. They are always reassessing.

A disciplined person is always re-evaluating where they place their energy. If something is no longer working for them, they make adjustments as needed.

6. They set boundaries.

Disciplined people know that boundaries are necessary. Not just for them, but for those around them as well. They will not hesitate to say, “No,” as needed.

7. They don’t procrastinate.

If something needs to be done, a disciplined person does it. They don’t put it off, they get it down ASAP.

8. Routine.

A lot of people hesitate to stick to a routine but are not disciplined person. A disciplined person has a routine and they stick with it. They do this because everything is much easier to handle when everything is nearly automatic.

9. They value logic before their mood.

Disciplined people do not allow their moods to lead them. Instead, they focus on logic to guide them.

10. They stand by their word.

If a disciplined person gives you their word, they stand by it. If they are wrong, they quickly admit it.


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