CineVire: Creation of a Powerhouse Duo Redefining Digital Media and Filmmaking

CineVire Creation of a Powerhouse Duo Redefining Digital Media and Filmmak

Zirakpur, (Chandigarh), [India] July 01, 2024: Amanpreet Singh and Sanjana Bhatia established CineVire, a startup that combines traditional cinema processes with contemporary online platforms. This unique approach has allowed CineVire to carve out an exclusive niche in the digital media industry. 

The journey began when Amanpreet, with his untapped ability and expertise in video editing and 3D motion graphics, recognised the potential of this blend. “I knew I could only work under someone for a short time, and this innate drive to be the best and continuously improve opened the road to creating CineVire,” Amanpreet explains. Similarly, Sanjana’s keen eye for storytelling and digital trends envisioned a company that would push the boundaries of creativity and technology.

Amanpreet’s technical expertise and commercial acumen were critical in developing the strong infrastructure that supports CineVire’s operations. His experience enabled the organisation to regularly create high-quality material in a variety of formats, including digital campaigns and feature films. On the other hand, Sanjana’s strategic vision and creative direction have been equally important, allowing CineVire to keep ahead of industry trends in a competitive environment.

CineVire’s success stems from the complementary skills of Amanpreet and Sanjana, as well as their persistent commitment to quality and innovation. Their joint efforts resulted in the production of exciting content that resonated emotionally with consumers and received critical acclaim. “Our projects consistently set new standards in the industry, whether through our post-production work or motion graphics explainers in 2D and 3D,” says Sanjana.

One of their notable achievements is the establishment of CineVire Film School, which aims to nurture the future generation of filmmakers. The school gives hands-on instruction and industry knowledge, preparing students to flourish in the film industry. In addition, Amanpreet and Sanjana have broadened their concept with Techy Bears, a YouTube channel that offers new digital solutions and knowledge to the Hindi-speaking IT community. Techy Bears has been highly appreciated, with over 10,000 subscribers and some videos garnering over 2 million views.

Despite being a bootstrapped company with a team of over 10 talented individuals, CineVire has achieved remarkable success in just three years. The company has partnered with over a hundred clients, including industry giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Shopify, Kinder, Doctor Mike, Tropicana, L’Oréal, and many more. The company’s projects have consistently exceeded expectations, with one doubling a leading nonprofit’s donations and another increasing a tech startup’s internet presence by 150%.

As CineVire celebrates its third anniversary, it remains a prominent name in digital media and film creation. This path, from its origin to its current position as an industry leader, exemplifies the founders’ strength, inventiveness, and strategic vision. Amanpreet and Sanjana’s combined knowledge has not only influenced the company’s direction but has also set it on a path of sustained growth and innovation. 

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