Metassure Insurance: A Tech-Forward Approach to Hassle-Free Coverage


Established in 2020 by Saurabh Gupta, Metassure Insurance is creating a buzz in the Indian insurance scene with innovative partnerships with banks. Gupta’s creative ideas result in a modern blockchain platform designed for FASTag users, promising to make things easier for vehicle owners. This move shows a forward-thinking mindset and a solid commitment to blending technology and insurance services in vehicles.

Metassure Insurance, powered by, proudly introduces itself as the country’s first WhatsApp-based insurance issuance platform. Catering specifically to FASTag users, Metassure leverages the power of one of the most widely used messaging platforms, marking a significant departure from traditional call centre-based procedures. This innovative approach provides a user-friendly interface and ushers in a new era of convenience for insurance seekers.

Through a simple chat window on WhatsApp, users can initiate and complete the entire insurance issuance process without drowning in paperwork or enduring time-consuming phone calls. This user-centric approach resonates with the preferences of the digital-savvy population, offering a hassle-free experience that effortlessly integrates into their daily lives. The strategic integration of WhatsApp as a primary insurance issuance channel reflects the platform’s forward-thinking approach, acknowledging the importance of meeting users where they are – in their messaging apps.

It has partnered with various banks to enhance the platform’s capabilities by leveraging the existing infrastructure and networks, providing users with a broader range of options and services. This strategic alliance extends the platform’s reach and signifies its commitment to fostering a comprehensive and inclusive insurance ecosystem.

Metassure uses blockchain technology‘s powerful benefits to ensure secure and transparent insurance. This digital change eliminates confusing paperwork, giving users a more straightforward, up-to-date way to get insurance coverage.

Metassure further solidified its position as an industry leader by introducing India’s first Insurance GPT. This AI technology is a virtual assistant that addresses users’ insurance-related queries. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Metassure ensures that users receive accurate and timely information, enhancing their overall understanding of insurance products and policies. The platform from its WhatsApp-based insurance issuance platform to its embrace of blockchain technology and strategic partnerships with banks, Metassure is setting new standards in the industry.

By bringing in India’s first Insurance GPT, Metassure adds a touch of sophistication to its services. This advanced technology makes Metassure a leader in using modern tools to improve customer service in the insurance sector. Users can now use a virtual assistant that makes getting insurance easier and gives them the correct information when needed. With its focus on making insurance easy, using advanced blockchain tech, and introducing cutting-edge AI, Metassure is a powerful force making a future where getting insurance is as simple as chatting on WhatsApp.


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