EMS Academy and Library: Shaping Futures under the Guidance of Dr. Abhilasha Tharwan

EMS Academy and Library: Shaping Futures under the Guidance of Dr. Abhilasha Tharwan

An inspiring journey of academic excellence, resourceful libraries, and transformative leadership

Jaipur, Rajasthan [India]: In the world of quality education and holistic development, EMS Academy stands for excellence. Committed to nurturing students preparing for competitive examinations, EMS Academy has earned its place as a distinguished institution. The academy’s success is attributed to its exceptional teaching methodology, which has been known over the years.

EMS Academy is not just an educational institution, it’s a platform where dreams come true, and futures are shaped. Whether one aspires for excellence in CBSE Board, Engineering, Medical, Commerce, CA/CS/CMA Foundation, or CLAT, EMS Academy is the preferred choice. Regardless of their academic background, students find a perfect platform for IIT-JEE, Medical, Commerce, and Olympiad preparation at EMS Academy. 

EMS Academy prioritizes building a solid academic base and improving critical problem-solving skills. By focusing on fundamental concepts, the academy smoothly guides students to advanced levels of learning. The interaction between students and teachers creates a supportive environment for growth and learning.

At the heart of enlightening minds and nurturing intellect, Dr. Abhilasha Tharwanis, also the director of the EMS Library, stands as a vital resource. With a vision to provide seamless access to quality information and knowledge resources in various formats, the library creates an atmosphere that welcomes every book enthusiast.

Leading the EMS Academy is Dr. Abhilasha Tharwan, a dynamic visionary with a doctorate in Geography. She began her educational journey in Bhilwara, where she completed her graduation and post-graduation. Later, she earned an MPhil, a Diploma in Remote Sensing, and a PhD from Udaipur.

In 2020, Dr. Abhilasha Tharwan became the Director of the EMS Academy. Her leadership transformed the institution remarkably, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. In just two years, her management skills revitalized EMS Academy, making it an academic excellence hub. Today, EMS Academy educates and inspires students beyond regular school hours.

Under Dr. Abhilasha Tharwan’s visionary leadership, EMS Academy has embarked on an incredible journey of educational excellence. Here, aspiring minds flourish in a nurturing environment that celebrates knowledge and shapes promising futures.

For more information, please visit https://www.emsacademy.in/


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