Neethu Mohan’s Book of Poems titled ‘The Nord’ launched

Neethu Mohan's Book of Poems titled 'The Nord' launched

Neethu Mohan’s Anthology of Poems ‘The Nord’, launched by Shyam Srinivasan, MD & CEO, Federal Bank and Shalini Warrier, Executive Director, Federal Bank.

Barkha Dutt, television journalist and author announced the book release in the presence of MVS Murthy, CMO, Federal Bank in the #WeTheWomen event held at Jaipur.

‘Nord’ is an old French term which means ‘North’ or ‘True North’. ‘The Nord’ is all about discovering the ‘True North’ in life.  Adrift in the stream of life, we are sometimes uncertain of where we stand and where we need to head towards. When the direction of life is unclear, we all need our internal compass to guide us to the right direction. Discovering personal direction and purpose of life is a process of continuous change. 

In the quest of True North, ‘The Nord’ inspires its readers to set sail and navigate to the direction of their dreams and make incremental improvements in the quality of life. The poems are a trigger to awaken one’s potential and pursue their passion. 

Ravi Subramanian, Author quotes “The poems in Neethu Mohan’s ‘The Nord’ are a joy to read. They are unfailingly positive and hope-inspiring. The poet’s sense of wonderment as she looks at the world and life around her, is infectious. Her lines have a beguiling freshness too. Extremely comforting and energizing to read”.

“The quintessence of these poems is simplicity. Nord symbolizes positivity and the imagery is bright, often carrying a whiff of wild flowers. Neethu’s diction embraces solitude like choir music heard from afar, slowly filling an entire valley”, quotes Dr. Brinda Bala Sreenivasan, Poet, Author and Head – Department of English & Foreign Languages, Cochin University of Science & Technology.

Neethu Mohan is a banking professional, Senior Manager at Federal Bank. She is a poet, short story writer and blogger.

‘The Nord’ is available at Amazon and Flipkart.

Ebook available on Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books.


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