Top 5 Stunning Women Entrepreneur Of India By Sky Innovation And Services

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Sky Innovations and Services, committed to sharing uplifting tales, showcases the journeys of three inspiring women who are making notable impacts with their extraordinary expertise in their respective fields.


Mayaa SH, a literary luminary hailing from Pune, is a fierce advocate for women’s empowerment and positive feminism. Recognized by the United Nations, she challenges societal norms and addresses gender inequality. With over 150 anthologies and nine solo books to her credit, Mayaa SH envisions a society where women have equal rights, contributing to the nation’s development. Her impactful contributions resonate globally, inspiring change.


Shruti Agarwalla, a Kolkata-based Pranic Healer since 2008, offers remote healing services for diverse conditions, even post-COVID complications. Recognized with awards like the ‘Indian Woman Era’ and the Star Galaxy Award, she combines expertise with a personal touch. Specializing in crystal healing, she tailors her approach to individual needs. Reach out for a transformative healing experience.


Priya Parekh, a passionate student pursuing an Integrated degree in Social Work, is a prolific writer with 13 co-authored books like “Words beyond Imagination” and “Seed of Faith.” Her debut book, “સુગરફ્રી પ્રેમ કાવ્ય,” marks a significant milestone. Recognized by “Magic Book of Records” and “India Proud Award,” Priya is a young author with Google recognition.


MASTER OF THE MYSTICAL ART OF TAROT CARD READING. It is in this world of Tarot cards that Meera Khushbu emerges as a veteran, lifting the veil of destiny and unlocking the secrets through her expertise in the domain. A revered Tarot card reader and holistic healer, Meera’s intuitive prowess transcends the mundane, offering seekers a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Tarot cards, with their rich symbolism and archetypal imagery, serve as a cosmic language, and Meera Khushbu is the adept translator, bridging the gap between the tangible and the ethereal. Her Tarot card reading sessions are not mere glimpses into the future but holistic experiences that delve into the core of one’s being.


Renowned poetess and author Dr. Usha Kiran Moodgal has extended her creative prowess beyond the realms of literature as she is making impactful strides in the entrepreneurial landscape with ‘Alexi Fashion’ and ‘Kalakriti.’ Alexi Fashion, which has become synonymous with elegance at the heart of Delhi, Alexi Fashion is a boutique curated by Moodgal which beckons connoisseurs of style.

Kalakriti on the other hand, is crafting homely tales in the landscape of artistic decor. In the digital decor realm, Usha Kiran Moodgal’s venture, Kalakriti, had emerged as a distinctive presence.

Usha Kiran Moodgal’s entrepreneurial ventures extend beyond commerce; they encapsulate a commitment to aesthetic excellence, reflecting her multifaceted approach to life’s myriad expressions.


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