Wedsy Revolutionises the Indian Wedding Industry: A Tech-Driven Oasis in the 80 Billion Dollar Market


Wedsy – A Trailblazer in Online Wedding Planning

Breaking away from traditional norms, Wedsy stands as India’s first comprehensive online wedding planning platform. What sets Wedsy apart is its transparent pricing model, particularly in the realm of wedding decor. With a vast catalogue boasting over 1000 designs, couples can effortlessly browse, select, and add their preferred decor to their events directly through the portal.

The platform’s ethos is rooted in addressing a common woe of couples and families – the lack of clarity in pricing. Wedsy challenges the conventional wedding industry, asserting that it’s not an MRP market where vendors can take advantage of customers’ ignorance. Instead, Wedsy’s decor store ensures transparent pricing, cutting down overall wedding expenses while maintaining the highest quality of service. The traditional approach of customers chasing vendors for pricing, endless follow-ups, and negotiations has long been a sore point in the wedding industry. Wedsy, headquartered in Bangalore, has recognised this pain point and stepped up to revolutionise the process, putting an end to the runaround for good.

Beyond Decor: The Future of Wedsy

Currently operating with a live decor store, Wedsy has ambitious plans to expand its offerings. In the coming months, the platform will unveil additional service booking features, aiming to be the one-stop solution for every wedding need. Wedsy envisions a future where couples can plan their entire wedding seamlessly, avoiding the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and ensuring a stress-free celebration.

Financial Prowess and Market Potential

Despite being bootstrapped, Wedsy has achieved an impressive annual revenue of 2 crore rupees. The financial success, coupled with the vast untapped potential of the 80 billion dollar wedding industry, positions Wedsy as an attractive prospect for investors. The industry, currently unstructured and lacking technological sophistication, is ripe for disruption, and Wedsy aims to fill this void, providing a tech-savvy and structured approach to wedding planning.

From Wedding Expertise to Tech Brilliance: Meet the Visionaries Behind Wedsy

In the bustling landscape of the Indian wedding industry, Wedsy emerges as a beacon of innovation, blending decades of family legacy with cutting-edge technology. Founded by Rohaan Saleem, a seasoned wedding professional with over 10 years of hands-on experience in the business, Wedsy is on a mission to transform the way couples plan their special day.

At the helm of Wedsy is Rohaan Saleem, a visionary CEO who not only carries a background in engineering but also a wealth of experience from executing over 1500 weddings. Rohaan is not alone in this venture. He is joined by Riyaan Saleem, the Chief Design and Marketing Officer, who ensures that Wedsy delivers not just services but an unparalleled experience. 

Meanwhile, Nikhil Agarwal, the CTO, brings a wealth of technological prowess, having honed his skills at prestigious institutions like IIT Kharagpur and global giants Sony and Mercari in Japan. With a robust background in AI/ML and a track record of over 24 internships before graduation, Agarwal steers the technological ship at Wedsy, promising a flawless and seamless customer experience.

Say “I Do” to Stress-Free Weddings

In the heart of Bangalore, Wedsy is not just transforming weddings; it’s creating an experience. Here’s the chance for clients to be part of a journey that promises innovation, uniqueness, and untapped potential. 

Bangalore’s Wedsy isn’t just a company; it’s a promise. A promise to make weddings easy, stress-free, and unforgettable. Investors don’t just invest in a company; invest in a vision that is transforming the wedding industry. 

Clients can explore the future of weddings at and be part of the revolution – where Wedsy keeps its tagline alive, Weddings Made Easy. 


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