Dr. Rashmi Patil – Eminent Ayurvedic Doctor, and the greatest healer behind Ayur Sparsh Clinic and Panchakarma Center

Dr. Rashmi Patil – Eminent Ayurvedic Doctor and the greatest healer behind Ayur Sparsh Clinic and Panchakarma Center
Dr. Rashmi Patil

Embracing the most modern advanced, effective, and bespoke treatment using ancient tradition, Dr. Rashmi Patil coined Ayur Sparsh Clinic and Panchakarma Center with a mission to provide all solutions relating to skin, hair, joint pain, and spine under one roof without any hustle.

Dr. Rashmi Patil is MD Ayu and the founder of Ayur Sparsh Clinic and Panchakarma Center who has formulated medicines that are known to provide maximum healing against almost every chronic disease after conducting meticulous research, profound studies, and following the ayurvedic texts. Ayur Sparsh Clinic and Panchakarma Center have been making the science of Ayurveda more relevant to the modern lifestyle. It is renowned for its expertise, and superior solutions.

Based on the axiom of the age-old science of holistic healing, Dr. Rashmi’s aim is to bring the body to its natural state by eliminating diseases from within. She is the chairman and founder of Ayur Sparsha Clinic & Panchakarma Centre, in Dharwad, Karnataka, India. Ayur Sparsh Clinic and Panchakarma Center was laid by the masters of the world’s oldest holistic wellness system. As a matter of fact, Ayurveda is 5000 years of medicinal practice with its own multifaceted philosophy involving the individual’s mind, body, and soul. The practice is primarily based on disease prevention and treatment is a blend of proper diet, healthy lifestyle, every routine, natural remedies, detoxifying therapies as well as herbal medication to promote a healthy life.

As a healthcare provider of choice, Ayur Sparsh Clinic and Panchakarma Center stands apart from the rest due to the commitment, excellence, and ethics of Dr. Rashmi Patil. She aims to provide end-to-end solutions from consultation to treatment in online appointments without having to wait. Dr. Rashmi has put all her efforts to grow and has indeed succeeded in her vision of healing humankind through Pure Ayurveda.

Ayur Sparsh Clinic and Panchakarma Center is one of the trusted Ayurvedic clinic with an increasing success rate of treating patients every passing day using the power of Ayurveda. They are specialized in arthritis treatment, joint pain, knee pain, back pain, skin problems, and hair problems with a surety of carrying out the entire procedure of the treatment with complete safety and security. It goes without saying, building from ground level to reaching the greatest height in Ayurveda is not a cup of tea for everyone. A highly experienced medical professional Dr. Rashmi Patil is ambitious to cure her patients. She has a success rate of treating over 5000 patients till now and the number is expanding daily.

Being inclined to nature, Dr. Rashmi Patil realized that there is more to medicines and there could be nothing greater than Ayurveda that helps in the overall healing of an individual. Indeed, Ayurveda is the complete solution to healthy and disease-free living and the most effective treatment of any disease from its root cause.

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