Mulayam Singh – A common man from Delhi who is uncommon now!

Mulayam Singh – A common man from Delhi who is uncommon now!

2nd October 1986, a child was born in a middle-class Chauhan family in Libaspur, Delhi. Parents named the child as “Mulayam Singh”. At that time no one was aware of the fact that this child was born to lead the financial world with his magnificent knowledge and skills. Mulayam Singh has completed his primary education from Bal Adarsh Primary School, Yadav Nagar, Delhi. Post completing the primary schooling Mulayam Singh took the admission in D.A.V. Sr Sec. School in Samaipur Badli for his secondary education. Since inception, Mulayam Singh was a very brilliant student therefore took admission in CA Course during his graduation (B.Com-P) from Satyawati College. Post completing his Graduation, CA training and LLB he worked in financial consultancy firm in Delhi. Further, he has also worked in Delhi High Court along with other advocates.

While working with various consultants and advocates, he recognized his management skills and started his own consultancy services firm in Delhi. Over the period of time Mulayam Singh has become one of the most popular name among the business community of Delhi. His management skills and his command over the subject made him popular.

Mulayam Singh has very closely seen the poverty and other issues which a lower-middle-class family faces. Therefore, he decided to devote his life towards serving the community. Till now, he has helped thousands of poor and needy persons in various manners whether it be financial or other social support. To serve the public has mass level he has also contested the Delhi Assembly elections from Badli constituency of Delhi. Unfortunately, he could not succeed in election but he still continued his public services in various manners whether it be blanket distribution in winters, organizing health checkup camp or ration distribution to needy persons in pandemic period.

Now he is not a common name for the residents of Delhi. People shower their love on Mulayam Singh. He is also known as “People’s Man”.

He inspires the youth with his journey from rags to riches. This was only possible with his hard work and dedication towards his work and his kindness for the humanity.

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