The New Dawn of The City of Dreams – Raheja Modern Vivarea, Mahalaxmi


The influence of K Raheja Corp Homes has been no less than a fable for the real estate of Mumbai. The brand has been standing proud for decades with a mighty portfolio that includes a versatile set of developments. Starting with the residential arm, K Raheja Corp Homes has decorated the skyline of the city of dreams. This run of unmatched brilliance continues as K Raheja Corp Homes is unveiling its latest offering that will not only surpass its own excellence but also set unbreachable benchmarks.

Speaking of Mumbai, it has experienced a myriad of infrastructural pieces at the most strategic and elegant locations the city has to offer. And the story isn’t over yet. In fact, this is the beginning of another tale in one of the most desirable landmarks of this city – Mahalaxmi. Mumbai is the land of narratives, with every corner narrating its own adventure. Be it the majestic views of the Arabian Sea or the history of the grand Mahalaxmi Racecourse; there’s magic everywhere. The same is the charm of every infrastructure built by K Raheja Corp Homes. Keeping up with its rich legacy, the brand is ready to unveil its successive triumph, Raheja Modern Vivarea, at the heart of the city – Mahalaxmi.

Raheja Modern Vivarea comes from an age-long legacy of unmatched excellence, from the reformers who created the spectacular landmarks like Raheja Vivarea & Raheja Artesia; The ultra-luxury developments that encapsulate the spirit & reflects the essence of South Mumbai. The projects that is home to some of the finest names in India.

With its ultra-modern façade, exquisite homes, and international style privileges, the 2 iconic towers of Raheja Modern Vivarea are all set to bring a contemporary twist to the fascinating history of South Mumbai’s skyline.


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